The Secret to a Clutter-Free Home: Tips from a Professional House Cleaner!

Many of us struggle with clutter in our homes, leading to piles of mess and disorganization that leave us feeling overwhelmed and stressed.  However, professional house cleaners in Raleigh have seen it all and know exactly how to tackle clutter effectively. As the saying goes, “a place for everything and everything in its place.

Do you also face the same issue? Want to know the secret to a clutter-free home? Worry not, in this blog, we’ve covered the top clutter-busting secrets and tips used by professional cleaners at Cura Maids® to help your home feel spacious, peaceful and stress-free once again. Read out to know…

Why Hire Professional House Cleaners? 

Professional house cleaners deliver top-notch and reliable house cleaning services that fit your budget. Their team of experienced professionals makes your home sparkle and shine. The best part is that you don’t have to guide them through the instructions. They’re the experts: they know it all. They will not only make your home sparkling clean but also exceed your expectations. Sound exciting, right? Yeah, that’s true! 

You can hire reliable house cleaning services in Raleigh, NC, and go to a clean, comfortable space – hassle-free! Now, let’s uncover the top clutter-free tips from professional house cleaners. 

Top 7 Tips from a Professional House Cleaner for A Clutter-Free Home!

  • Declutter Regularly in Small Batches: 

Professional house cleaners in Raleigh, NC, always recommend decluttering your home in small, frequent batches rather than waiting until everything is out of control for a big clean. 

This is because it is much more manageable to go through small sections at a time rather than facing a mammoth decluttering task all at once. For example, you could spend 15-30 minutes every morning or evening decluttering a single drawer, shelf, or room to stay on top of clutter. Focus first on high-traffic areas like your kitchen, living room, and home office. This will help you get a clean home every day.

  • Use the 20/20 Rule: 

The 20/20 rule is a favorite decluttering technique of professional organizers. It works like this – go through each item and ask yourself if you have used, worn, or interacted with it in the past 20 months. 

If the answer is no, it’s time to donate, sell, or discard the item. Similarly, if looking at an item doesn’t elicit positive feelings within 20 seconds, it’s not serving you and needs to go. Applying this rule ensures you only keep what genuinely adds value to your living spaces. Get rid of the unnecessary stuff you don’t need in your home. 

  • Clean by Category: 

Another effective decluttering strategy is to focus on one category at a time, such as clothing, books, paperwork, electronics, and sentimental items. 

Go through it methodically and keep only your favorites, with the best condition pieces in each category. Box up donations as you go along so you aren’t tempted to reclaim discarded items. Editing by type keeps the process manageable. Be ruthless – professional cleaners know the less you own, the less there is to clean! 

  • Designate Storage Spaces for Everything: 

Once decluttered, the next key is having a “home” for everything left so future clutter doesn’t accumulate. Experienced cleaners in Raleigh, NC, suggest designating storage spaces for categories like winter clothing, craft supplies, seasonal décor, etc. Baskets, bins, shelves, and under-bed storage all help keep belongings hidden yet accessible. Label locations so everything is easy to return to its rightful place. 

  • Edit and Organize paperwork: 

Paperwork tends to multiply quickly if not managed properly. Professional cleaners recommend shredding unnecessary papers regularly and scanning important documents onto your computer or cloud for easy access down the line. Sort remaining papers into labeled file folders or binders separated by category—bills, taxes, warranties, and kid’s activities. Check-in on paper piles quarterly so they don’t mushroom out of control again. 

  • Corral Cords and Electronics: 

It’s no surprise that tangled cables are a common cause of clutter. Invest in cord management solutions like zip ties, Velcro wraps, or cord containers to conceal wires neatly and safely behind furniture. 

Consolidate charging stations and use wall mounts or under-desk baskets to corral remotes, devices, and accessories in one tidy spot. Out of sight leads to a calmer home environment.

  • Implement a 20-Minute Speed Clean: 

Daily quick tidy-ups are the path to a sustainably clutter-free home. Try an intense 20-minute speed clean daily to pick up surface clutter and wipe down any dirty areas while staying on top of messes. Commit to this small habit to avoid bigger cleanups down the line. 

Also, the vital tip is to re-declutter Seasonally. Fall and spring are ideal times recommended by professionals to audit your possessions. Do a thorough declutter and reorganize for the new season ahead. You can also hire professional house-cleaning services in Raleigh, NC, to maintain a clutter-free home all-year long. 

Bottom Line

Decluttering requires ongoing commitment, but the rewards are manifold—a more peaceful living situation, extra time saved from cleaning less, and boosted productivity and focus. Out of all – you’ll have a clean and a germ-free environment. 
If you’re still feeling overwhelmed, consider partnering with a professional cleaners at Cura Maids®. We offer affordable rates, insured and well-trained staff, and a 100% satisfaction guarantee that goes above and beyond. Start making small, consistent changes, and let Cura Maids lighten your load further. For more information, explore our website now.

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