A High Website Bounce Rate: Reasons Why You Should Hire an SEO Firm

Is your business website struggling to gain traction despite attracting visitors? Are potential customers browsing your products or services without converting? If so, your website likely suffers from a high bounce rate.

An SEO firm, like SEO Sherpa, can optimize your website to ensure you get organic traffic that leads to conversions. In this article, we’ll break down reasons why your website could have a high bounce rate and how an SEO firm can fix that. 

But first, let’s look at what a bounce rate is.

Understanding Bounce Rates

A bounce rate is the percentage of visitors who leave your website without taking action, such as filling out a form, purchasing a product, or clicking a link. The rate also applies to scenarios where a user idles on your page for over thirty minutes.

Ideally, a high bounce rate communicates that your website could be having issues with user experience or content. Your website bounce rate can also affect your Google rank on search engine result pages

A low bounce rate is what you should aim for. It indicates that your content is useful and engaging to the user, a factor Google uses when ranking websites. 

Common Reasons For A High Bounce Rate

  1. Slow Loading Times

Websites with slow loading times attract a high user bounce rate. Ideally, the faster a page loads, the more engagement you attract from users. Also, such websites perform better with search engines. High bounce rates usually indicate that the website has no value, which attracts penalties from Google and results in a lower rank. Moreover, a slow website also impacts the time Google crawler spends indexing your website’s pages. 

A load speed of 2 seconds or less is desirable, with one or two-second delays influencing the user experience. The extra loading time could impact your customer acquisition.

To remedy this, a reputable SEO firm can audit your site to understand why your site has a loading problem. Then, depending on the issue, the firm could reduce your content, optimize it, or even compress your images. 

2. 404 Errors

Technical errors are the bread and butter for high bounce rates. Blank pages and 404 errors could indicate that a link is broken, or a page is missing from your site. This technical hitch impacts the user experience, likely resulting in potential customers exiting your website. This means all the efforts and resources you put into driving traffic to your website are lost.

Additionally, a high rate of 404 errors can also cost you a high ranking on SERPs. Google marks such sites as poorly optimized, impacting your site’s online visibility.

The good news is that technical errors can be fixed. An SEO firm will investigate why your site pages are blank or showing 404 errors and resolve it. 

3. Wrong Meta Descriptions

Site pages with misleading meta tags or meta descriptions can lead to users seeking information from your competitors. If a user clicks on your site and finds that the content doesn’t match the meta description, they’ll likely exit it. It can have consequences in the future, such as your brand being associated with misleading content.

Duplicate meta descriptions are also an issue that negatively impacts user experience and engagement. Having two or more similar meta descriptions on different pages can confuse your users, resulting in a dip in your organic traffic. 

Organic SEO firms are conversant with the best practices for curating meta descriptions. This can involve using targeted keywords that relate to the content on each page. 

4. Poor Quality Backlinks

Link building is an ideal way to drive organic website traffic. This SEO technique involves getting outer websites to link to yours. You could have optimized your website to ensure a seamless user experience, but are not getting the right traffic. Chances are that the referring site could be sending users who are not interested in your products. 

The ideal way to get high-quality backlinks is by having premium content that compels other websites to link to yours. An SEO firm can create this type of content. They can also promote your content to publications relevant to your business. 

5. Low-Quality Content

In digital marketing, content is king. Users are drawn to websites with useful and authoritative content communicating a company’s brand. You’ll likely witness high bounce rates if your content is not optimized to capture your audience’s attention. 

Issues such as compact writing with plenty of paragraphs and missing headlines can discourage users from engaging with your content. 

A professional SEO firm will have a team of experts with vast experience in content creation. This team understands your content needs and can deliver content that optimizes your website. 

6. Poor User Interface

Your website design is the entry point to your business. It must be enticing enough to welcome users to navigate your offering. Websites with pop-up surveys and plenty of ads will ward off traffic. You could also experience high bounce rates if your site lacks crucial pages or is hard to navigate. 

A good interface should provide a seamless navigation experience from the point of entry to the desired action, such as purchasing or filling out a form. A competent SEO firm will align your user interface with the best SEO practices that encourage valuable engagements and drive conversion. The firm can also optimize your website to ensure it is mobile-friendly. 


A high bounce rate is detrimental to your business, but in some cases, it is not. The rate might suggest that users find your content satisfying. For instance, engaging blog posts lacking a clear Call To Action (CTA) can lead to high bounce rates, where visitors consume the content and exit. 

To address this, consider enlisting the expertise of an SEO firm. They can optimize your content by incorporating internal links directing users to your products or services. Additionally, they can craft compelling CTAs to prompt action, enhancing user engagement and conversion rates.

Working with a professional SEO firm can help improve your website metrics, giving you a competitive edge in your business. Plus, given the dynamics of the digital landscape, seeking the services of an SEO agency will polish your digital marketing efforts and lower your bounce rates.

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