Emergency Tools To Keep In Your Car

A driver’s worst nightmare is experiencing a breakdown or system failure in the middle of nowhere. It could be running out of gas, a dead battery, a blown gasket, or a dead alternator. Winters risk cars sliding off icy roads into snow banks. Calling a roadside assistance service or tow truck guarantees safety within hours. Emergency tools help you sort vehicle issues and get back on the road fast.

All these emergency mitigation strategies require utilizing the correct tools. Many emergency tools for drivers exist, including first aid kits, multitools, spare tires, and more. Discover the six best emergency tools to keep in your car.

1. ResQme Vehicle Escape Tool

Emergencies occur while in transit, which require you to break the windows. Your vehicle can sink in water, or you get locked inside. Mechanical and fire outbreaks might happen, making opening windows and doors challenging. You can escape by breaking the windows to avoid succumbing to carbon monoxide poisoning and address the emergency threats. A window breaker tool is the best survival gear in your car for addressing such problems.

ResQme Vehicle Escape is a premium-quality tool manufactured in the USA. It combines a seat belt cutter and a glass breaker. The seat belt cutter pierces through seat belts during lockups and accidents, while the glass breaker can break most car windows. The compact tool has a razor-sharp, stainless steel blade and stainless-steel spike.

2. Vehicle Repair and Maintenance Tools

Maintenance and repairs are critical to keeping a car in perfect condition. Cars break down regularly and unexpectedly. The worst would be to have no tools in the middle of nowhere. A spare tire, wheel lever, and jack save the day when you have a flat tire. Bricks provide extra stability when changing a tire by being wedged under a wheel on the opposite side.

Hand-held tire gauges let you check the pressure to avoid disappointments and accidents caused by low pressure. Powered tire inflators and hand pumps let you pump your tires with ease. Spanners are suitable for tightening and untightening tires when changing them.

3. Jump Starter 

After hours of driving across cities and towns, you decide to chill and explore the outdoors. But the car fails to start, spelling doom and uncertainties. Or your vehicle stops unexpectedly and fails to power on. All these emergencies can befall anyone and signal a problem with the battery. Only those equipped with a jump starter can mitigate them fast. 

Car batteries die when you leave the air conditioner and electricity running while the engine is off. But jump cables work when you have another vehicle with a working battery. A portable jump start has a portable battery and works as a standalone unit. It can jump-start your car without needing a second vehicle.

4. First Aid Kit

Ardent drivers understand the risks on the road. Anything can happen while in transit, leading to accidents and injuries. You could get sick or experience nose bleeding. Also, one of your passengers could get injured by broken mirrors. Mitigating these situations requires having the correct first aid items. Buy the correct-size first aid kit and stock it with high-quality painkillers and bandages.

Your first aid kit must contain bandanas, band-aids, hand sanitizer, cotton balls, bug spray, medication, and sunscreen. It should meet industry standard quality and safety regulations. 

5. Phone and Charger

The jungle and forests are only friendly to the prepared. Getting stuck in tricky situations occurs regularly to adventurers and truck drivers. Some situations necessitate a professional roadside assistance expert. In many instances, drivers get stuck in areas with no network connectivity. Also, the battery of their phones might die when in need.

Carry a phone with stable network connectivity. It should operate in all types of environments. Get a solar charger to recharge your phone whenever it runs out of juice. That ensures you can call for assistance any time you face challenges.

6. Emergency Blanket 

Every season and weather is not the same. The cold winter season brings about chilling moments that necessitate wearing more and heavier clothing. An emergency blanket is essential for keeping warm and maintaining your comfort levels. The compact and lightweight material of the blanket provides adequate warmth during emergencies.

These blankets offer shade against the hot sun and serve as makeshift shelters. They create a barrier between the cold weather and the user while regulating body temperature. Emergency blankets are versatile enough to suit varied users in different situations. Choose from many high-quality and reliable blankets from varied brands and manufacturers. Understand your comfort needs and use preferences.

Wrapping Up

Emergencies occur when on the road. Preparing in advance is the only viable way out. But the right tools and gear to address potential emergencies, including life-threatening and minor situations. These six tools prepare you for every outdoor adventure and help you mitigate complex situations. Keep your vehicle in optimal working condition by regularly checking for issues and having them repaired. Invest in emergency blankets, phone systems, first aid kits, and window-breaking tools.

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