7 Creative Ways To Make Your Business Holiday Cards Stand Out

The cherished custom of giving holiday cards provides businesses a unique opportunity to engage with clients, partners, and employees in meaningful ways. 

As the season of joy and gratitude draws near, companies can seize the chance to stand out by creating greeting cards that genuinely represent their brand’s personality.

Through meticulous planning, imaginative execution, and personal touches, businesses can send holiday cards that impress recipients and leave enduring, positive impressions that extend beyond the festive period. 

Now is the ideal moment to reaffirm to partners and customers why collaborating with your distinctive business is such a pleasure.

This article explores seven innovative strategies to take your corporate holiday card-giving to the next level. 

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1. Spotlight Custom Illustrations

Many holiday cards rely on generic winter photos or stock imagery that feels impersonal. For a more distinctive, on-brand look, consider custom illustrations. Hire an artist to hand-draw festive scenes incorporating your office, products, logo, employees, or other company themes. Recipients will appreciate the personal touch.

If hiring an artist isn’t feasible, look for customizable templates you can tweak with your images and text. You can also turn photos of real employees or products into whimsical illustrated versions using photo editing software, enhancing the uniqueness of your holiday cards for businesses. Hand-drawn effects add personality that makes your brand stand out.

2. Showcase Company Values

The holidays are the perfect time to highlight your brand’s values like community, inclusiveness, or sustainability. For example, an eco-conscious company could print on recycled paper and include a message on their green initiatives.

A charitable organization may donate a portion of proceeds to a cause and share that warm-hearted commitment. Adding tasteful details that reflect core values resonates with consumers who care about social impact.

3. Rethink Shapes and Configurations

Most greeting cards come in standard rectangular layouts. For a twist, reimagine the shape and orientation of your design. Consider horizontal, vertical, or diagonal orientations. Cut cards into unique silhouettes like snowflakes, trees, or ornaments.

Circular, triangular, or star-shaped cards instantly grab attention. Print messages on shapes like clouds, wreaths, or candy canes instead of boxes. Unexpected configurations paired with your branding make recipients pause as they sort through holiday mail.

Tropical gold cover design set. Floral background with golden line pattern of exotic leaf (palm, banana tree) Elegant vector collection for wedding invite, brochure template, restaurant menu business holiday greetings cards stock illustrations

4. Showcase Products or Services

Holiday cards present the perfect chance to creatively feature your business offerings. For example, a bakery could send cookie-scented cards shaped like gingerbread people. A craft brewery may affix a branded bottle opener ornament.

A clothing boutique can deliver cards that resemble mini product catalogs. A restaurant could mail menus promoting holiday specials. 

Get clever with how you tastefully showcase your products or services through card design details.

5. Get Dimensional with Layering

Incorporate dimensions and textures through layers and cut-outs. Layer circle or oval shapes over backgrounds. Add color shadowing or outlines to give the illusion of floating elements. Use patterns like polka dots, stripes, or argyle for visual interest.

Pop-up and multi-panel folding cards allow you to embed shapes and depths. Even simple techniques like scalloped edges or punched confetti shapes bring cards to life. Dimension makes your greetings interactive and sculptural.

Young business woman having fun time catching confetti Young business woman having fun time catching confetti sitting at the desk in the office. Party time on the work place. Selective focus. business holiday greetings cards stock pictures, royalty-free photos & images

6. Package with Gifts and Treats

For extra delight, pair holiday cards with gifts like company swag, gift cards, or food treats. Attach gift tags, ornaments, scented candles, or confections with ribbon. Include single-serve product samples. Or tuck cards into small gift boxes, tins, or tubes.

Thoughtful gifts demonstrate added appreciation. Even inexpensive promotional items like pens make your brand stand out from the standard card stack. Recipients will enjoy the surprise.

7. Spotlight Seasonal Imagery

While many holiday cards feature generic snow scenes, get creative with images that are festive yet unique to your brand. For example, show team members decorating the office or wearing ugly sweaters. Display branded products in holiday settings. Or feature your business location covered in seasonal decor. 

Lifestyle imagery of clients enjoying your offerings in the spirit of the season is another great idea. Photographs make cards feel more personal and meaningful than generic stock imagery. Consider taking pictures of real customers engaging happily with your products or services in a holiday context. Capture people wearing customized apparel or gear with your logo while doing winter activities. Show your community supporting your organization and one another.

If finding authentic photos proves difficult, you can stage seasonal vignettes. Carefully style festive representations that encapsulate your brand identity. Include decorative elements, persons dressed in your signature colors, easily recognizable products, and backdrops symbolic of what you provide. 

Also, endeavor to produce visual narratives that tell the story of your organization making the season bright for those you serve. Even if fabricated, make the scenes cohesive, convincing, and cheerful. Spark holiday spirit by spotlighting your commitment to creating joy year-round.


This holiday season represents a special opportunity to design greeting cards that innovatively tell your brand’s unique story and reflect your company’s values. 

By spotlighting charming custom illustrations, rethinking interesting shapes, or showcasing your distinctive products and services, you can craft cards that resonate with clients, partners, and employees.

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