Why Everyone Needs to Go Glamping at Least Once a Year

The wildly famous, posher variant to pitching up caught the spotlight long ago and doesn’t seem to let it slide. Glamping became a thing almost a decade ago, and ever since, the leveled-up camping-like activity has given its harbinger new meanings and managed to create an unbeatable industry. You can go glamping on a budget or the most luxurious escapade of your life.

Everything is possible when you realize the beauty of combining the benefits of tent-living with the perks of upscale accommodations. Or, you can go with the simple conveniences of your home, like running water, so you’ll basically enjoy a pleasant holiday without the costs you had to accept until glamping gained traction. Similarly, your trip is supposed to be hassle-free if you’re taking the recommended preventive measures and the indispensable tools and gadgets

And by “a glamping holiday a year”, we mean that you can split a two-week vacay into shorter, intense city breaks. So, whether you’re into the treehouse, yurt, safari, or luxury glamping tents, the first important thing is to commit to this activity once in a while to see how your overall vibe changes for the better and lasts long after you’ve returned home. Without further ado, let’s see why everyone should experience a type of glamping at least once a year – or, evidently, as often as it’s possible. 

This is the best way to immerse in nature in the most authentic form

Everyone’s seeking more time in nature these days and, unfortunately, many deceive themselves into thinking that booking accommodation at a mountainous or seaside destination offers them the long-yearned reconnection with the greenery. Fast forward, and they may even ask themselves why they don’t feel calm, relaxed, and disconnected by their everyday woes, missing the feeling of being more centred and their minds less busy. This happens because things like brick-and-mortar accommodations and nearby highly trafficked streets come in the way. 

Stop pretending and start genuinely immersing yourself in nature, feeding your mental and physical craving for nature and experiencing the outdoors the way you need. You may be bike riding, fishing, suntanning, hiking, or simply taking in the surrounding’s beauty. There’s no shortage of activities to unfold to reap the benefits of surrounding ourselves with liveliness. 

There are as many types of camps as there are of campsites 

The “glorified camping” has received this appellation for a reason: they provide everything you’d need from a tent and every nature-centric gift that the all-inclusive hotel rooms fail to offer you. If you’ve researched glamping, you’ve likely observed that sites exist almost everywhere, such as forests, farms, hills, rural areas, wild landscapes, sea areas, islands, national parks, and any place that can cross your mind. 

There’s no shortage of campsites if you’re down for this luxurious adventure, nor will you be limited regarding the amenities, features, equipment, or facilities. Regarding the latter, experts from Outstanding suggest going with a reputable tent and lodge provider, as you will have possibilities like additional tents, child-friendly climbing walls, a whole porch for yourself, delimited rooms, open-space kitchens, extra lounge net, and so on. All while having the needed mod-cons already in place. A treehouse-like space? Sure, you can have – just talk with your tent supplier and personalize your tent!

It’s enough to try it once and see for yourself

Your craving for outdoor experiences isn’t just a feeling. In today’s digitally centric world, people long to be surrounded by greenery, earth, and everything outdoorsy without concretely knowing why. Years-long, numberless scientific studies confirm nature’s healing power. It’s enough to look at people accustomed to spending time in nature regularly and see how they’re healthily energetic, peaceful, and intuitive. 

Camping isn’t for everyone, and you are not advised to pitch up your tent without being 100% sure of your safety. Fortunately, glamping emerged as the long-needed solution to combine the luxury and convenience of a hotel room with the benefits of a nature-surrounded tent. Depending on the facilities wanted, glamping comes in numerous types. You’ll experience the wilderness to clear your head in a completely safe, comfortable, and lavish water-proof lodging at half the hassle brick-and-mortar accommodations involve. 

You can actually pack light 

How many times have you begun packing with the aspiration of not overdoing it, only to end up carrying the weight of a refrigerator with you? This is even truer when it comes to camps, as you’ll need to be prepared for the worst-case scenarios.

Glamping comes with bountiful equipment and gadgets that camping can’t provide. Many holidaymakers desire the flex of staying outdoors, but they also need appliances like microwaves, kettles, refrigerators, Wi-Fi routers, electric hobs, and so on. Restricting yourself from the basics is a compromise you’re no longer forced to make, for you’re not getting much reward from living like Steve Irwin. Instead, spend your holiday in a tent with access to every convenience that hotels provide while rejoicing over the great outdoors. Morning American breakfasts, late-night barbeques, and overall hearty meals? Don’t settle for crumbs when the whole bakery is available.  

You establish the terms of your digital detox 

An indisputable advantage of camping is living off the grid and going internet-free. It’s the sweetest form of clearing your head, especially when backed by the great wilderness. However, lack of electricity access translates to zero battery, no background music, no way to search for something quickly, and so on. You may constantly live in the stress of being unable to notify your loved ones at home that you’re safe and sound, for such deeply rooted worries may often arise on an end of the spectrum. 

Camping is a lovely detox model, but why would you go through the anxiety of having no battery and internet connection when you can choose the middle ground? With electricity, sockets, lighting, party speakers, and so on, it will be entirely up to you how deep into your digital detox you want to dive. 

Glamping is the most comfortable and luxurious way to bond with nature and reap its health and well-being benefits on the spot and for the long term. If possible, prioritize such an expedition at least once this year, and you’ll thank yourself afterward.

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