Who is Kathryn Burrhus? All About Steve Austin’s Wife

Kathryn Burrhus is the ex-wife of legendary WWE star, Stone Cold Steve Austin, a prominent figure in the world of professional wrestling. Kathryn Burrhus was born on August 29, 1952, in Austin, Texas, Kathryn’s life took an unexpected turn when she crossed paths with the charismatic wrestler.

Kathryn’s claim to fame rests largely on her brief marriage to Stone Cold Steve Austin. Their union, which commenced on November 24, 1990, captivated the public’s attention, intertwining Kathryn’s life with the glitz and glamour of professional wrestling.

This article aims to shed light on the life and journey of Kathryn Burrhus, delving into her early years, her relationship with Steve Austin, and her life post-divorce. By exploring the intricacies of her narrative, we aim to provide readers with a deeper understanding of this intriguing personality.

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Profile Summary

Name:Kathryn Burrhus
Date of Birth:August 29, 1952
Age:71 years old
Birthplace:Austin, Texas, USA
Marital Status:Divorced
Spouse:Stone Cold Steve Austin (ex-husband)
Education:Local Schools in Austin, Texas, Woodcreek High School
Occupation:Not disclosed

Early Life and Education

Kathryn Burrhus entered the world on August 29, 1952, in the vibrant city of Austin, Texas. Growing up amidst the Texan charm, she was imbued with a sense of resilience and independence from an early age.

Kathryn’s educational journey led her through the halls of local schools in Austin, Texas, where she laid the foundation for her future endeavors. It was during her time at Woodcreek High School that she encountered a young Steve Austin, setting the stage for a fateful encounter.

The serendipitous meeting between Kathryn Burrhus and Steve Austin marked the beginning of a whirlwind romance that would soon capture the imagination of wrestling fans worldwide. Their connection transcended the confines of high school, laying the groundwork for a union that would make headlines in the years to come.

Relationship with Steve Austin

On November 24, 1990, Kathryn Burrhus exchanged vows with Steve Austin, stepping into the spotlight as the wife of one of wrestling’s most iconic figures. Their union promised a lifetime of love and companionship, but fate had other plans in store.

Despite the initial promise of their marriage, Kathryn and Steve Austin’s relationship faced insurmountable challenges, leading to their separation on August 7, 1992. The dissolution of their union sent shockwaves through the world of professional wrestling, leaving fans and pundits alike speculating about the reasons behind their split.

In the aftermath of their divorce, rumors swirled about the circumstances that led to Kathryn and Steve Austin’s separation. Allegations of infidelity and irreconcilable differences fueled the tabloid gossip mills, painting a picture of turmoil behind the glitz and glamour of their public personas.

Life After Divorce

Following her divorce from Steve Austin, Kathryn Burrhus made a conscious decision to retreat from the public eye, seeking solace in a life away from the prying lenses of the paparazzi. Her commitment to privacy stood in stark contrast to the spotlight that had once enveloped her during her marriage to the wrestling icon.

Despite her brief stint in the limelight, details about Kathryn Burrhus’s career and personal life remain shrouded in mystery. The elusive nature of her post-divorce endeavors has left fans and curious onlookers alike yearning for glimpses into the woman behind the headlines.

While Steve Austin embarked on a journey of romantic entanglements post-divorce, Kathryn Burrhus chose a path less traveled, opting for a life of solitude and introspection. The contrasting trajectories of their personal lives serve as a poignant reminder of the divergent paths forged in the aftermath of heartbreak.

Speculations and Rumors

Amidst the speculation and conjecture surrounding Kathryn and Steve Austin’s divorce, allegations of infidelity emerged as a central theme. Reports of Steve Austin’s purported involvement with wrestling manager Jeanie Adams added fuel to the fiery narrative, casting a shadow over the former couple’s once-burgeoning romance.

The tumultuous nature of their marriage took a toll on Kathryn Burrhus and Steve Austin, leaving scars that would linger long after their divorce was finalized. The emotional upheaval and public scrutiny surrounding their relationship served as a stark reminder of the challenges faced by those thrust into the unforgiving glare of the spotlight.

As news of Kathryn and Steve Austin’s divorce reverberated through the media landscape, public perception of the former couple underwent a dramatic shift. Where once they had been lauded as a power couple, they now found themselves embroiled in a maelstrom of tabloid speculation and sensationalized headlines.

Kathryn Burrhus vs. Steve Austin’s Career

In the wake of their separation, Kathryn Burrhus and Steve Austin embarked on divergent paths, each charting a course dictated by their aspirations and ambitions. While Steve Austin continued to thrive in the world of professional wrestling, Kathryn chose a more reclusive existence, far removed from the glitz and glamour of Hollywood.

Despite the personal upheaval wrought by his divorce from Kathryn Burrhus, Steve Austin remained a dominant force in the world of professional wrestling, carving out a legacy that would endure for generations to come. His forays into acting and writing further solidified his status as a cultural icon, cementing his place in the annals of sports entertainment history.

In stark contrast to Steve Austin’s continued prominence in the public eye, Kathryn Burrhus opted for a life of seclusion and anonymity. Her absence from the spotlight served as a testament to her resilience and strength in the face of adversity, reminding us that true fulfillment can often be found in the quiet moments of introspection.

Steve Austin Wife

Legacy and Impact

While their marriage may have ended in divorce, Kathryn Burrhus’s impact on Steve Austin’s life and career cannot be understated. Her unwavering support and companionship during their time together served as a cornerstone of his success, shaping the man behind the larger-than-life persona of Stone Cold.

As we reflect on the fleeting nature of their union, we are reminded of the fragility of love and the complexities of human relationships. Kathryn and Steve Austin’s brief marriage serves as a poignant reminder that even the strongest bonds can be tested by the trials and tribulations of life.

In the aftermath of their divorce, Kathryn Burrhus and Steve Austin emerged as symbols of resilience and fortitude in the face of adversity. Their journey serves as a cautionary tale of the perils of fame and the importance of staying true to oneself in the tumult of the spotlight.

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FAQs About Kathryn Burrhus

What is Kathryn Burrhus famous for?

Kathryn Burrhus gained prominence due to her association with Stone Cold Steve Austin, the renowned WWE star. She was married to Steve Austin for a brief period, which garnered attention from wrestling fans and the media.

Why did Kathryn Burrhus and Steve Austin divorce?

The exact reasons for Kathryn Burrhus and Steve Austin’s divorce are not publicly confirmed. However, there were rumors of conflicts and allegations of infidelity, which contributed to the dissolution of their marriage.

Does Kathryn Burrhus have any children?

Despite being married to Steve Austin for a brief period, Kathryn Burrhus and Steve Austin did not have any children together. Steve Austin has children from other relationships, but Kathryn does not have children of her own.

Where is Kathryn Burrhus now?

Kathryn Burrhus has maintained a private life away from the public eye since her divorce from Steve Austin. Details about her current whereabouts and activities are scarce, as she has chosen to live a relatively secluded life.

What is Kathryn Burrhus’s net worth?

Kathryn Burrhus’s Net Worth is estimated to be around $30 million.


From her humble beginnings in Austin, Texas, to her fleeting romance with Stone Cold Steve Austin, Kathryn Burrhus’s story is one of love, loss, and resilience. Born on August 29, 1952, Kathryn’s journey took an unexpected turn when she met the charismatic wrestler during her high school years. Their whirlwind romance culminated in marriage on November 24, 1990, but alas, their union was not meant to last.

The dissolution of Kathryn and Steve Austin’s marriage in 1992 sent shockwaves through the world of professional wrestling, with rumors of infidelity and irreconcilable differences swirling in its wake. Despite the challenges they faced, Kathryn chose to retreat from the public eye, seeking solace in a life of privacy and introspection.

In contrast, Steve Austin continued to thrive in the world of wrestling, cementing his status as a cultural icon with his unparalleled charisma and athleticism. His subsequent marriages may have garnered attention, but it is his brief union with Kathryn Burrhus that remains etched in the annals of sports entertainment history.

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