What Makes Mylar the Best Packaging Material?

You have many options for packaging your product for sale. You may not have ever considered Mylar packaging, but it may be the best option, especially if you are selling a perishable product. Mylar is a synthetic material used to make flexible packaging for food, medications, herbs, and other products that could go bad with exposure to air. Here are some reasons why Mylar is the best material for packaging these products.

Keep Your Products Fresh

Mylar has several qualities that make it a superior food flexible packaging for keeping contents fresh. Compared to other food packaging options, Mylar presents a nearly impermeable barrier against the three factors most often responsible for food storage: light, oxygen, and moisture.

Mylar keeps food fresh for a long time. It is so effective that people use Mylar in emergency preparedness kits to keep food safe and fresh in the event of a catastrophe that causes an extended power outage. Food stored in Mylar can last for years without going bad. Therefore, it can certainly withstand a few weeks, or even months, on your warehouse shelves.

Child Safety

Mylar is durable. It offers resistance to punctures or tears. Because it is impermeable to air and moisture, it also prevents smells from escaping the packaging. These qualities are important if you are selling a product, such as medications, vitamins, or supplements, that needs to stay out of the reach of children. You can pair the Mylar packaging with a child-resistant resealable closure. It may not keep children out of the product indefinitely, but it should give a parent or caretaker enough time to realize what is happening and intervene.

Different Sizes and Shapes

Not every shape of packaging is appropriate for every product. If you are selling a liquid or fluid product, you may need sachet packaging, whereas for snack foods, you may require stand up pouch packaging. Along with lay flat pouches, these are options available for Mylar packaging. It may also be possible to work with manufacturers to design custom Mylar packaging that meets your specific needs.


Mylar consists of a sturdy film that, when crafted into a pouch or sachet, offers flexible packaging for food or other products. The flexibility makes it much easier to stack packages for storage or to display them attractively in a store for sale. The different sizes and shapes, as well as the ability to customize the packaging, contribute to this flexibility.


Mylar is recyclable. Packaging made from post-consumer waste, i.e., packaging that has been purchased and discarded by the end user, produces fewer greenhouse gas emissions. There are also Mylar-like films available that are compostable.

Cost Savings

Mylar packaging can represent a greater upfront investment. However, it can quickly pay for itself through cost savings. Because it keeps your product fresh, it produces less waste. Fresher products also keep your customers satisfied and willing to keep buying your products, which means more money for you in the long run. Find out more about how you can benefit from using flexible Mylar packaging for food and other perishable products.

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