What are the Necessary Features for a Game?

Are you a newbie who loves to interact with people, and get their apps designed and developed by professionals?

A mobile game app development company operates with different ideas, and creates games that are worth investing time, and playing. 

A mobile game should always be interesting, involving ‌all the necessary features that make it a best fit for both players, and the app developer who developed it because the result is always to generate revenue. 

Anyhow, in this blog we are going to list down and discuss the necessary features for gaming applications, and how these apps will make a worthwhile impression in the digital world. 

Tell us, what is your favorite game, and what do you like the most about the application?

The usage of Mobile Game – Statistics and Forecasts

According to statista, in the year 2024, the mobile game market is projected to generate a total revenue of US$98.74 BN worldwide. Moreover, the market is expected to exhibit a total compound-of annual growth rate of 6.39%, resulting in a projected market volume of US $118.90 bn by the year 2027.

Hence, the number of total users that are segmented in this scenario is expected to reach 1.9bn users by the end of 2027. Amazing, no?

Regarding ‌user penetration, it is anticipated that it’s expected to be 22.1% with a total projection of a 23.3% increase by the end of 2027. Also, as we compare this to global countries, it is forecasted that in China they are going to generate the highest revenues, amounting to US$346,600 million in 2024.

Different Types of Games

Let’s start by discussing the different types of games that are played by ‌users worldwide. 

Here are some broad categories of games:

  • Action Games

The first type of game that we are going to discuss is, fast-paced gameplay, intense challenges, and it often includes physical coordination along with reflexes. 

The examples include first-person shooters, and platforms, along with beat-em ups. 

  • Adventure Games

The second game is Adventure games that focus on exploration, storytelling, and puzzle-solving. 

Players often navigate through the narrative-driven world, interact with characters, and objects to progress the stories, and include point-and-click adventures, and open-world exploration games.

  • Role-Playing Games

The third type of game that we are going to discuss is Role Playing Game that allows players to assume the role of the characters in a fictional world. 

Yes, you read it right. Players can customize their characters, and engage in quests along with leveling up their abilities. It also allows them to make choices that influence the game’s overall storyline.

  • Strategic Games:

Strategic games require the players to be super vigilant, and use tactics that allow them to do prior resource management, and long-term planning to outsmart their competitors. Moreover, ‌ real-time strategy games are turn-based and tower-defense games.

  • Sports Games:

Sports games simulate real-world sports, and athletic competitors that allow players to participate in virtual versions of sports, like football, basketball, soccer, and racing.

  • Puzzle Games:

Lastly, we have a puzzle game that challenges players to solve the problems that complete the tasks, and manipulate the objects for instant progress through different levels. 

These types of games require critical thinking, pattern recognition, and spatial awareness. Hence, it’s a match of three games, like Sudoku.

Anyhow, let’s hear about some interesting features of a mobile game app:

Must-Have Features For A Mobile Game Application

As we are done with the basic discussion, let’s start with the main topic that consists ‌of the main features for a gaming application. 

  1. User Authentication of the players

It allows ‌users to create accounts, login securely, and manage ‌profiles instantly. This is the most important feature that allows users to enjoy their identity, and make their experience more personalized.

  1. Interactive User Interface

The second most important feature for the application is to have an intuitive design, that is easy to navigate, and enhances the overall user experience of the users. It also encourages the prolonged engagement of the user with the game.

  1. Onboarding Tutorials

The game should provide new users with the tutorial for onboarding the players, and familiarize them with the game’s features, mechanics, controls, and core objectives. 

  1. Gameplay Mechanics

An iOS app development company should work on the development of ‌ game mechanisms that are quite challenging, and intuitive. It should have core mechanics like keeping the players interested and motivated throughout the game, leading to progress and a successful playing experience. 

  1. Multiplayer Support

The game application will incorporate multiplayer functionality, enabling ‌ players to compete against each other and have a smooth collaboration in a real-time environment. 

  1. Social Integration

The game’s application should allow the players to integrate their social media pages, like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter etc, to achieve the leaderboard score with their friends. 

  1. Progressive System

You can implement a progression system with the levels, achievements, rewards, and the levels that are unlocked. It provides players with a sense of creativity and accomplishment, along with motivation to continue playing the game. 

  1. In-App Purchases

We will offer in-app purchases for the virtual goods, power-ups, or premium content to generate revenue. However, ‌ indulge in monetization strategies that can be balanced and don’t negatively impact the gameplay experience. 

  1. Feedback and Support

It includes features for players to provide feedback, report bugs, and access customer support. It will regularly update the game that is based on user feedback to improve the overall user experience. 

Wrapping Up – Your Perfect Game Is Just A Few Features Away!

And we are done for the day. We hope you all enjoyed reading about the different games that are indulged with various features and functionalities. By incorporating all the features mentioned, and the type of games that we have discussed in the blog, there are chances that you will gain maximum traction and people will go crazy after your developed application. 

A game should be interactive, and should meet the requirements of the clients. If you still have some questions in mind then, feel free to share your thoughts in the comments section. 

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