What are blue world Water Front Block Features Details

If you’re looking for an investment with a better, safer, and more profitable future, go no further than the Blue World Waterfront block. In addition, there is everything that one might want or need, with its faultless infrastructure, convenient location, luxurious master plan, inexpensive payment plan, and amenities that are synonymous with perfection.

For instance, investors will find a wide array of options in Blue World City’s Waterfront neighborhood, which is an even more extensive sub-project of Blue World City. An investment that is reasonable today and secures tomorrow—that is the message of the entire block. It stands for luxury, outstanding infrastructure, and economical rates.

Blue World City Investment

Blue World City Islamabad is a popular option among Pakistan’s most prestigious housing societies. In addition, the first built-in society boasts an extraordinary infrastructure and luxurious amenities that truly represent grandeur. Not only that, but the investors are actively participating in the opportunity. The reason behind this is that not all Pakistani societies can match the level of service and amenities offered by Blue World City, or even all of its blocks.

The developers’ goal of raising Pakistani living conditions has long been obvious. Make it so that everyone, regardless of their socioeconomic status, can enjoy a lavish, first-rate lifestyle. Also, the first-ever housing society in collaboration with a Chinese enterprise, Shan Jian Municipal Engineering Corporation, is Blue World City Islamabad. Plus, when two top-tier real estate firms work together, you should expect nothing less than spectacular outcomes. BWC investing is defined by that very thing.


Numerous factors entice investors, not the least of which is the presence of highly reliable and skilled developers. After more than 20 years in business, the Blue Group of Companies has set its sights on the global stage and the high life. Additionally, for all socioeconomic groups to be able to dream of and achieve it. That is why it is wise to keep an eye on Blue World City, which includes the Water Front Block.

Status of NOC The Rawalpindi Development Authority (RDA) gave the society their full stamp of approval. The No Objection Certificate (NOC) is crucial since it formalizes the property’s legal status and guarantees that the property will be free from future problems. 

Waterfront Block

Providing investors with the utmost pure luxury and comfort is the main objective of Pakistan’s first waterfront community. In addition, there are dancing fountains, water streams, a miniature golf course, perfect business zones, and a whole lot more. Also, no other Pakistani community has floating restaurants like the ones at Blue World Waterfront. In addition to a cinema, water sports, and a big mosque, the gorgeous block has everything else. At first listen, isn’t it an ideal investment opportunity?


Considering all the wonderful features of the Blue World waterfront property, the location element also provides good news. The blocks around BWC are also very commercially viable due to the building’s proximity to Main Chakri Road. Its prime location on Sunset Avenue makes it easy to reach all of the twin cities’ exciting neighborhoods.

Some of the points of entry are as follows:

  • Drive just 5 minutes to Rawalpindi Ring Road
  • The 5-Minute Islamabad–Lahore Motorway
  • Short distances of 20 minutes to the New Islamabad International Airport and 10 minutes to the CEPEC route

Payment Plan

When compared to other societies, one thing that sets this one apart is how affordable all the amenities and comforts are. Is it even possible for anyone to consider and then afford to purchase their ideal home in this? And it is just the beginning of what Blue World Waterfront has to offer. Turning aspirations into reality. Here is the price range for Blue World Waterfront, which is very cheap and affordable:


  • A monthly installment of only 17,500 rupees will get you the 6 Marla, which costs 1,750,000 rupees. The first investment is $175,000.
  • The price of 12 Marla is 3,150,000, yet the monthly installment is only 31,500. The first investment is $175,000.
  • With a monthly payment of about 42,000, you can own the 18 Marla for 4,200,000. There is a 420,000-moment outage.


The commercial waterfront payment scheme is as follows:

  • The price of 5 Marla is 8,000,000, with a monthly payment of merely 80,000 and a down payment of 800,000.

On top of that, making a reservation with Blue World is a breeze. The lives of all stakeholders and investors are being made easier by something.

Waterfront Block Important Attributes 

Adjacent to the opulence of grandeur and splendor are numerous essential elements of BWC Waterfront. From plans for a future free of danger to first-rate development infrastructure, this block has it all. Given that the name of the block gives away its intended use. Much of it, once again, encircles natural features like lakes and landscapes. Included here are a few more:

  • Aquatic activities Theater
  • Belts that transport water
  • Rhythmic moving Restaurant on a fountain
  • Private Neighborhood
  • Detour-Free Highways
  • Superior and Rock-Solid Security Measures


One of the best investment opportunities in the Blue World is Waterfront Block. Plus, it provides investors with everything they need in one convenient location, and at costs they can afford. Any time, day or night, you can reach out to Estate Land Marketing, one of the best and most seasoned real estate companies in the area.

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