Small Business Video Marketing: How to Get Started

Social media marketing is the most widely used channel for promoting small businesses and using video content is the most effective means to reach a wide audience and drive engagement. 87% of marketers are incorporating videos as part of their content marketing strategy for social media marketing.

If you are a small business looking to be discovered and recognized by potential customers, using video marketing is imperative. Making good-quality video content doesn’t have to be expensive and complicated. You can use your smartphone and free video editing tools and applications to produce content that will drive customers to your store.

6 Amazing Ideas for Small Businesses to Grow Using Video Marketing

Video Marketing can help you create brand awareness, build trust among customers, and potentially boost your sales and revenue. If you wish to develop a strong video marketing strategy, here are some ideas and tips that are sure to be useful:

1. Teaser Videos

It is important to get your customers excited about new products or events that you are launching. Don’t let your customers be bored by your inactivity and create excitement and mystery on your social media page.

If you are announcing a new product, restocking an old favorite, or having a sale, shoot a teaser video for it to keep your followers engaged. You can use these small glimpses of what is to come to keep your customers engaged by giving them a shot at guessing what the teaser is for.

2. Live Videos

Live videos are a powerful tool for any business. By going live, you can directly engage with your customers, answer their questions, let them get familiar with you, and gain their trust. Most social media platforms, including Facebook, TikTok, YouTube, and Instagram, allow you to go live and interact with your audience. You can schedule launch events or Q&A sessions so that your followers know when you are going live and can be prepared to join you.

3. Tutorial Videos

In online marketing, tutorials and demonstrative videos are essential. If you are selling machinery or devices, your videos can help customers navigate its usage and workings. A business for makeup and clothes can make tutorials for looks and styling.

Software businesses can make screen recordings to provide tutorials. Demonstrations are an instrumental aid in online business, and video tutorials are more impactful than written instructions.

4. Repurpose Existing Content into Videos

Preferences among your consumers tend to vary—while some prefer written content, others may like to receive their content through short and entertaining videos. You can repurpose your existing blogs, image posts, or captions into videos employing free AI text-to-video generator tools to cater to everyone’s preferences. Different formats of content will help you reach the audience on a plethora of platforms.

5. Videos on the Landing Page

Landing pages are the face of your business, and embedding an eye-catching video on your landing page will encourage potential customers to explore your site further. The use of a video on the landing page can boost conversions by up to 86%. 

6. Share Your Videos

Social media is not merely a platform to upload content. Use different social networks to share your video content and promote your small business. Sharing will get your business noticed and attract viewers.

Wrapping Up

Videos are the most popular form of online content, making video marketing the surest way to get through to potential customers and promote your brand and product. You can create high-quality, engaging video content for free using both online and downloadable video editing tools & software. Nowadays there are easy-to-use video editing tools that make content creation for social media simple and fun.

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