Who is Simon Cavill? All About Henry Cavill Brother

Simon Cavill is the older brother of the renowned British actor Henry Cavill, was Born in Saint Helier, Jersey, in September 1979, Simon has carved a niche for himself as a compliance officer and director of multiple companies. Simon Cavill is not just a sibling of a celebrity; he’s a success story in his own right.

The Cavill family, rooted in Roman Catholic English traditions, provided a vibrant upbringing for Simon and his four brothers – Henry, Charlie, Piers, and Niki. While Henry pursued a career in acting, Simon chose a different path, venturing into finance. This article unfolds the intriguing narrative of Simon’s journey and how his bond with Henry remains an anchor in his life.

This article delves into the life of Simon Cavill, exploring his early days, career trajectory, family background, and the close relationship he shares with his famous brother.

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Profile Summary

NameSimon Cavill
Birth DateSeptember 1979
Birth PlaceSaint Helier, Jersey
Age44 Years Old
Height5ft 10in (178cm)
Weight88kg (194 lbs)
Net Worth$600,000
ProfessionCompliance Officer and Holds Directorships
ParentsFather: Colin Cavill, Mother: Marianne Dalgliesh
SiblingsHenry, Charlie, Piers, and Niki
Marital StatusMarried (2014)
WifeVictoria Pendlebury Cavill

Early Life and Family Background

Born in the picturesque Saint Helier, Jersey, Simon Cavill entered the world in September 1979. His childhood was marked by the loving presence of his parents, Colin Cavill, a former stockbroker, and Marianne Dalgliesh, a bank secretary. Growing up alongside four brothers, Simon experienced both the challenges and joys of a large, close-knit family.

The Cavill household fostered an environment of adventure and camaraderie. Simon’s brothers, including the globally recognized Henry Cavill, shaped his early years. Fights were not uncommon, but these experiences fortified the bonds between the siblings. Marianne and Colin instilled strong values, creating a foundation for success that Simon would later build upon.

Simon’s adventurous childhood, filled with skirmishes and shared escapades, laid the groundwork for his future resilience. The bonds formed during those early years became a source of strength, with Simon and his brothers supporting each other in their respective endeavors.

Education and Career Beginnings

After completing his schooling in Jersey, Simon embarked on a journey into higher education. Details about his academic pursuits remain private, but it’s evident that Simon’s formative years in Jersey played a crucial role in shaping his future endeavors.

Unlike his brothers, who pursued diverse careers, Simon gravitated towards the finance sector. The transition from education to the corporate world marked the beginning of a path that would lead him to become a compliance officer and a director with significant responsibilities.

Simon’s early career steps were likely marked by a combination of learning, challenges, and gaining experience in the finance realm. His trajectory showcases a commitment to excellence, eventually propelling him into roles that demanded not only financial acumen but also leadership skills.

Professional Journey

Simon’s expertise shines in his role as a compliance officer. This crucial position involves ensuring that the company adheres to legal and regulatory standards. Simon’s dedication to compliance showcases his commitment to ethical business practices.

Beyond his role as a compliance officer, Simon holds directorships in various companies, including Kensington Films Limited and Grey Knight Services Limited. This multifaceted involvement demonstrates his capacity for leadership and strategic decision-making.

Simon’s contributions extend beyond individual companies; they impact the finance industry as a whole. His insights and leadership in compliance contribute to the stability and integrity of financial systems.

Personal Life

In 2014, Simon took a significant step in his personal life by marrying Victoria Pendlebury Cavill. The couple tied the knot in St. Helier, Jersey, where their journey as a family officially began.

Simon and Victoria’s life reflects a balance of adventure and tranquility. Living in Bromsgrove, UK, they enjoy a lifestyle that blends the quiet charm of the countryside with occasional forays into more adventurous pursuits.

Bromsgrove serves as the backdrop for the Cavill family’s life. Simon’s commitment to community involvement is a testament to his desire to contribute positively beyond the boardroom, fostering connections and enriching the local environment.

Relationship with Henry Cavill

While Simon and Henry Cavill choose different career paths, their bond remains strong. The dynamics between the brothers reflect mutual respect and support, emphasizing the importance of family ties amidst individual pursuits.

Simon’s unwavering support for Henry in his acting career is evident during public appearances and events. Despite his success in finance, Simon is a proud advocate for his brother’s achievements, highlighting the strength of familial encouragement.

Simon’s appearances alongside Henry at various events underscore the genuine connection the brothers share. Their public interactions reveal a down-to-earth camaraderie, dispelling the notion that success has created any distance between them.

Simon Cavill Net Worth and Financial Achievements

Simon Cavill Net Worth stands at approximately $600,000, a testament to his financial acumen and success in the corporate world. This figure reflects not only his compliance officer role but also the strategic directorships he holds.

Simon’s financial stability is derived from his roles as a compliance officer and director. His involvement in companies like Kensington Films Limited and Grey Knight Services Limited provides diverse income streams. Investments and financial management further contribute to his overall wealth.

From an estimated net worth of $450,000 in 2022, Simon’s financial status has seen steady growth. His trajectory in the finance sector exemplifies how a steadfast approach to career and financial management can lead to both stability and prosperity.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is Simon Cavill involved in the entertainment industry like his brother Henry?

No, Simon chose a career in finance and is a compliance officer. While supportive of his brother’s acting career, Simon has made a name for himself in a different field.

Where does Simon Cavill reside?

Simon resides in Bromsgrove, UK, with his wife, Victoria Pendlebury Cavill.

How many brothers does Simon Cavill have?

Simon has four brothers: Henry, Charlie, Piers, and Niki.

What is Simon Cavill’s net worth?

As of 2023, Simon Cavill’s estimated net worth is $600,000.

What are some of the companies Simon Cavill is involved with?

Simon holds directorships in companies like Kensington Films Limited and Grey Knight Services Limited.


Simon Cavill’s journey is a testament to the power of dedication, resilience, and familial bonds. From his early days in Saint Helier, Jersey, to his current role as a compliance officer and director, Simon has navigated challenges with grace, finding success while staying true to his roots.

As we reflect on Simon Cavill’s story, it’s clear that his life extends beyond the shadow of his famous brother. His achievements in finance, commitment to compliance, and the love he shares with his wife, Victoria, paint a picture of a man who values success, integrity, and family.

In a world often captivated by celebrity narratives, Simon Cavill stands as a reminder that every individual’s journey is unique and worthy of celebration. As he continues to make strides in finance and build a fulfilling life with his family, Simon exemplifies the beauty of personal and professional accomplishment.

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