Online hotel booking management software for travel industry


There was a time when the travel companies used to help perspective customer in travel planning and execution of the tour by sharing quotations and itineraries for approval and subsequent execution of the tour. This involved a latency time and multiple iterations besides a lot of to and fro communication and manual intervention. This has changed with the advent of technology and technology tools and growing demands of customers and industry. Hotels developed their own software for hotel bookings based on the business needs and shared an access to the travel companies and customers. The advent of hotels online hotel booking software also known as centralized reservation system (CRS) comprising of easy management of rooms, rooms inventory Rooms and its category, rates and rate types for travel companies with their validity period, bookings and other critical information paved way for the travel industry to take the business to the next level. The cloud managed hotel reservation management system comprises of website hotel booking software, and its back end integration with finance and other functions ensuring seamless integration with other channel management systems for the efficient functioning and growth of the hotels and travel companies.

With the advancement in technology and enhancement in the business model the travel companies have an access to b2b hotel booking portal and B2c hotel booking portals. To get the best deliverables from the on line hotel booking software the travel companies need to set up the software as per their policies, regulations and business model.

Thus it is now imperative and crucial for travel companies and individuals to have an automated efficient streamlined user friendly Online hotel booking management software supported with best of tools and technology to ensure sustainable growth and ensure a cutting edge over their competition.

Key Features of Online hotel booking management software

Some of the key features of the online hotel booking management software are as follows:

Reservation Management

The online hotel booking software seamlessly offers multiple avenues to make hotel booking- from hotels website, from the reception/front office of the hotel, through travel companies ranging from Destination Management Company (DMC). Online travel agent (OTA), Content Management system (CMS), Meeting incentive conference and events (MICE) and Content delivery network (CDN), business portals and traditional way of connecting over phone, toll free numbers , connecting through email

Channel Management

The on line hotel booking software solution must facilitate hotel information on distribution channels that sell hotel inventory globally namely online travel agents, global distribution systems, and others in real time.


With the information on the web the online hotel booking management software provides opportunity for wider reach to travel agencies and customers worldwide across the world. To facilitate the customers to pay in the currency of their choice – US dollars, Euro, Indian rupee, Dinar UK Pound or other currency, multicurrency feature ensures growing customer satisfaction and helps in the growth of customer bank.

Payment Gateway

To have a global presence and worldwide reach of the customers, the online hotel booking software must support and facilitate multiple payment gateways that are supported and accepted worldwide and ensure that the payment gateway is always functional. Any downtime would directly impact the business and customer satisfaction vital for the success of any travel company. The gateway provided should be secured and fast with security features ensuring zero down time and no hacking.

Data Security and Compliance: 

The online hotel booking software must have a secured mechanism to ensure data security and must comply to the statutory guidelines and IT security Act and prevent any cybercrime or hacking of information. These should be constantly monitored and upgraded to ensure that there are no virus attacks, data loss or any malfunctioning in the software. The security feature must ensure that only users administered with the access login and passwords have the access to the system.

User friendly and scalable 

The online hotel booking software must be flexible, scalable and easy to customize to meet the changing business needs and statutory government guidelines from time to time. The access to screens of the hotel booking software should be easy to comprehend.

Real-Time Updates

The online hotel booking management software must provide real-time updates and notifications for the customers. This reduces the turnaround time and ensures that the deliverables are as per the expectations of the customers. This not only brings efficiency but enhances customer satisfaction and reliability

24 x 7x 365 days customer Support: 

For any hotel online booking management software running 24 x 7 it is absolutely essential to have a team to help support and resolve the queries of their customers.  A dedicated customer support team to act as per the customer must be available 24/7/365 to assist users in this regards.

State of art technology

The technology which is the driving force for online line booking management software must be scalable, adaptable, sustainable, cost effective and must be state of art technology. It must be adaptable to the changing technology trends and continue to contribute to the growth of the of the travel companies and customers  

Reporting and Analytics

The online hotel booking management software provides in built automated reporting and analytics features with respect to hotel bookings, business generated / booking confirmed or cancelled and hosts of other reports in real time. These must be tailor made / customizable with minimal down time and must meet the end user expectations.


In conclusion, the ultimate online hotel booking management software offers unparalleled convenience, efficiency, and accuracy reducing turnaround time Its user-friendly interface, comprehensive search options, real-time updates, and robust features the hotel reservation and its confirmation and desired information is available with just few clicks instantly. To meet the growing competition and be amongst the leaders in the travel business  and meet business goals  with accuracy and review the analytics and other reports almost instantly it is but imperative for travel companies to automate their business and implement online hotel booking management software and ensure growth in business and scale greater success.


How does online hotel booking management software benefit travel companies?

Benefits of online hotel booking management software for travel companies

Automated booking process

The automation of booking processes has not on reduced manpower intervention but provides accurate information on hotels in real time. The customer can check the room availability and book a room with just as few clicks instantly and do the payment which is secured through payment gateways and receive confirmation instantly

Reduction in turnaround Time and instant booking updates.

The automation of activities – front end and back end and reduction in manpower has resulted in reduction of total time span for completing a task (e.g. room booking and payment) drastically. The customer receives instant confirmation on the booking within few seconds.

Enhanced customer experience

The ease with which the various online hotel booking processes are accomplished not only enhances the customer experience but also ensures customer loyalty. 

How user-friendly is online hotel booking management software?

  • Simple intuitive and clear Graphical user interface. Self explanatory, easy to understand and comprehend screens  and seamless navigation. 
  • Quick response
  • Customer support and help available on the click instantly.
  • The online hotel booking management software is compatible to most of the device. It can seamlessly work on computers, laptops or smart phone or tablets.

Can online hotel booking management software integrate with other systems?

Online hotel booking management software have an in built integration tool and has a potential to scale as per the business needs with the changing requirement and customer expectations. It can be easily integrated with the various existing solutions ensuring seamless flow of correct information. The use of APIs further enhances the integration process.

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