Maintenance Tips for Merbau Decking

Merbau decking is a popular timber deck that has been upgrading many homes in the streets of Melbourne. This is especially beneficial for homeowners who appreciate its beautiful deep red-brown colour and exceptional durability. Originating from Southeast Asia and the Pacific islands, Merbau is naturally resistant to rot, decay, and insect infestations, making it an ideal material for outdoor decks. 

However, like all wood, Merbau can benefit from regular care and maintenance to ensure it remains in pristine condition for years to come. In this blog, we will cover comprehensive tips and best practices for maintaining your Merbau decking and keeping it looking like new.

Understanding Merbau Wood

Before diving into maintenance tips, it’s essential to understand the properties of the Merbau timber deck. This hardwood is known for its high oil content, which not only contributes to its durability but also its natural sheen. Merbau also has a unique characteristic called “tannin bleeding,” which you will have to manage with a proper care routine.

How to Ensure Regular Cleaning?

Here are some tips to guide you with cleaning this decking material safely and effectively.

  • Routine Sweeping

Begin with regular sweeping to remove dirt and debris. Use a soft bristle broom to avoid scratching the wood surface. This simple step prevents buildup and minimises the need for more intensive cleaning.

  • Washing

Deep clean your Merbau deck at least twice a year using a mild wood cleaner and warm water. Avoid pressure washers as they can damage the wood fibres. Instead, use a soft brush and gentle scrubbing motions to clean the deck. Rinse thoroughly with clean water to remove any soap residue.

Managing Tannin Bleeding: Tips to Control

Before buying Merbau decking in Melbourne, it is important to understand that this decking has natural tannins that can cause staining on the wood surface when exposed to moisture. Here is how you can manage the tannin bleeding in your Merbau decking material.

Immediate Post-Installation Care

  • Watering Down

Right after installation, it is beneficial to rinse the Merbau deck down with water several times over the initial few weeks. This process helps to leach out the excess tannins from the wood, reducing the chances of staining later on. Use a garden hose to soak the deck evenly, allowing the water to wash away the tannins naturally.

  • Catch Basins

During the watering process, use catch basins or similar containment methods to collect the tannin-rich water. This step prevents the discoloured water from staining surrounding areas, particularly when you have landscape or sectional regions close to the deck.

Regular Maintenance to Reduce Tannin Bleeding

  • Appropriate Cleaning Agents

When performing routine cleaning, opt for pH-neutral cleaners specifically designed for the Merbau decking in Melbourne. These cleaners will help stabilise the wood and prevent further tannin release without damaging the wood’s natural oils or protective coatings.

  • Avoiding Excessive Moisture

Keep the deck as dry as possible, especially if you are in a damp climate. Ensure good ventilation around and under the deck to prevent moisture accumulation, which can exacerbate tannin bleeding.

Use of Sealants

  • Selecting the Right Sealant

Applying a sealant specifically designed for Merbau can also significantly reduce tannin bleeding. These sealants are formulated to lock in tannins while protecting the wood from moisture infiltration.

  • Correct Application

Apply the sealant evenly according to the manufacturer’s directions, typically with a brush or roller designed for use on wood surfaces. Apply a light coat, allow it to dry completely, and then apply a second coat if necessary. This ensures maximum absorption and effectiveness.

Ongoing Care and Inspection

  1. Annual Checks

At least once a year, inspect your deck for signs of unmanaged tannin stains or other maintenance needs. Look for discoloured areas that might indicate tannin stains persisting or recurring.

  1. Quick Response to Spills and Weather Events

Promptly address any spills of water or other liquids by drying the deck quickly to prevent new tannin stains. Similarly, after heavy rains or snow, remove standing water or residues as soon as possible.

Periodic Inspections

Regularly inspecting your decking will help you save on costs that can extend beyond the original cost of purchasing a Merbau decking in Melbourne for signs of wear or damage:

  1. Check for Loose Fittings

Tighten any loose nails or screws. Replace damaged or rusted fittings as necessary.

2. Look for Water Damage

Pay attention to areas that are prone to moisture retention and check for signs of water damage or rot. Early detection can prevent extensive repairs.

3. Repair and Replace

Address any issues found during inspections immediately.

4. Sanding

If the wood surface becomes rough or splintered, light sanding can be beneficial. Use fine-grit sandpaper and always sand in the direction of the wood grain to avoid damage.

5. Plank Replacement

Replace any severely damaged or rotten planks to maintain the deck’s structural integrity and appearance.

Avoiding Common Mistakes

  1. Do Not Over-Apply Sealant

Over-applying wood sealant can create a sticky residue and affect the wood’s ability to breathe, leading to increased moisture retention and potential rot.

2. Avoid Harsh Chemicals

Steer clear of chlorine bleach and other harsh chemicals that can strip the natural oils from the wood.

3. Seasonal Maintenance

Spring: Prepare your deck for the coming summer months by cleaning and applying a light coat of sealant.

Fall: Clean your deck and clear all debris to prevent moisture accumulation over the winter.

Winter Care: If possible, remove snow and ice promptly using a plastic shovel to prevent prolonged moisture exposure.

Final Words

Maintaining your Merbau decking involves regular cleaning, periodic sealing, and vigilant inspections to handle potential issues early. By following these best practices, you can enjoy a beautiful and durable Merbau timber deck in Melbourne that looks new year after year. Remember, the key to longevity in any decking material is consistent and proper care.

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