How to Call Back a Blocked Number? 4 Easy Ways

Calling back a blocked number isn’t as easy as checking the recent calls on the Call app. Without a caller ID, you’re clueless about who’s calling. It could be friends trying to prank you or outright spam calls you can’t block to prevent future calls.

Luckily, you can do a few things to reveal and call back a blocked number. Our article will list several methods to give blocked numbers a call to get closure on who’s calling you. Read to the end to learn how to call back a blocked number using four simple methods.

4 Ways to Call Back a Blocked Number

Below, we’ll list four ways to call back a blocked number. If one doesn’t work, you can refer to the next one to call back someone hiding their caller ID.

Dial Call Return

One of the easiest ways to call back an unknown phone number is to dial Call Return. This feature keeps track of the last number that called you and automatically calls it back for you. Although it doesn’t always work with blocked phone numbers, it’s worth trying.

The number to dial for this feature depends on your country. In the US, you’ll need to dial *69 or #69. For those living in the UK, dial 1471 and press 3 to return the call. If you’re outside the US or UK, call your carrier or search for which number to dial for Call Return.

This method can be particularly helpful if you’re getting repeated calls from unknown numbers and wish to return the call. However, as mentioned, it doesn’t always work with blocked phone numbers. Nonetheless, it’s a quick way to call back a blocked number that won’t take much time and effort.

Check Call Logs

Phone providers keep records of phone numbers that call you (and you call). Visit your phone carrier’s website and log in with your user ID and password. If you’ve never logged in to your carrier’s website before, follow the instructions.

The call logs may be in different places, depending on your carrier. Most phone carriers allow users to see logs under call history or records. Once you find the call logs, check when the blocked number has called you and see if any numbers match the call’s date and time. From there, you’ll know the caller and can call them back.

Spam Blocker & Caller ID Apps

There are various spam blockers and caller ID apps that can reveal blocked phone numbers. Some require a premium subscription to access all the functions, but many reveal the caller ID for free.

A few of the spam blocker and caller ID apps that are popular among both iPhone and Android users are Truecaller, Showcaller, and Whoscall. You can install these apps on your phone to test if they reveal the blocked number to call back.

Reverse Phone Number Lookup

A reverse phone number search can help you with more than calling back a blocked number. It can gather information about the caller, such as their identity and social media accounts. This will reveal who’s calling you and understand their motive for calling you from a blocked number.

Unlike spam blockers and caller ID apps, numerous reverse phone number search engines are out there. However, without an organization to ensure user safety, such as the App Store, there are many that don’t bring up any results or display inaccurate information. 

We recommend using for such inquiries. It provides one of the best free phone number searches. All you need to do is enter the phone number and find out who it belongs to after a few minutes. It will scan public records and web pages to reveal who the number belongs to.

Calling Back a Blocked Number Might Be Tricky

Finding who’s calling you from a blocked phone number and finding the number to call them back might seem tricky at first. With the person hiding their caller ID, you don’t have a clue when checking the call history on your phone, but following the methods we’ve listed above, you’ll realize that calling back a blocked number isn’t that difficult.

Give the methods we’ve shared a try. Start with the easiest one, dialing Call Return. If it doesn’t work, try others. With many listed, there’s surely one that will work to help you call back the blocked number bothering you.

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