How Rare Are 7-Carat Lab-Grown Diamonds?

We all love to buy diamonds because they revive our entire personality. Those who constantly buy diamonds somehow wonder about buying lab-grown diamonds that are continuously revolving in the market. But the exciting thing to know about 7 carat lab grown diamonds is that now you can buy them online without the fear of getting fake diamonds. 

When customers ask for something unique, the online store usually provides Google images. The reason is that they have to manufacture rare diamonds along with certain customization. Thus, most of the buyers find it troubling to buy lab-grown diamonds online. But with Rare Carat, you don’t need to worry about the quality and authenticity. You can find best deals for diamonds according to your budget and quality preferences. Let’s check out how rare these diamonds are and what factors make them so popular in the diamond market!

What to know about trendy lab-grown diamonds?

Lab-grown diamonds have gained enough success and popularity in the past few years. The factors that made them so popular and rare are the quality and ethical advantages. Lab-grown diamonds are slightly different from traditional ones. 

They look the same as the traditional diamonds but they are man-made diamonds which are synthetic. They can be made in laboratories and in small environments. These diamonds are suitable options for those who have tight budgets and custom preferences. 

How long have Lab-grown diamonds been revolving in the market?

Unlike the traditional costly diamonds, lab-grown diamonds have a slightly unique appearance and properties. However, it might be a new term that most customers listen to while exploring diamonds. But scientists have been continuously producing these diamonds in laboratories on a lower level since the 1950s. 

But now with many advances and innovations diamond makers focus on enhancing the making of lab-grown diamonds. They continuously growing this market by adding more advance features and attract millions of users. If you are exploring the diamond market you must see lab-grown diamond everywhere which show its rarity and popularity all around the world.

Do these diamonds cost less than traditional ones?

The major thing that made these diamonds so popular and demanding is the price. No matter if you have a low budget, you can buy lab-grown diamonds of any shape and size. The basic reason why the majority of people move towards buying lab-grown diamonds is the cost and quality. 

Lab-grown diamonds are made in labs which cost less than the traditional diamonds. However the quality is the same just like original diamonds. Also with the passage of time the price might drop as the market is expanding. 

Are lab-grown diamonds known as fake diamonds?

Some traditional diamond lovers claim that lab-grown diamonds are fake. But this is a misconception! Rare Carat lab-created diamonds are not fake. Moreover, this question might make us feel uncomfortable, but it’s important to understand that lab-created diamonds are real diamonds. The team of experts made these diamonds in a laboratory rather than mining them from earth.

Also, these diamonds have the same physical appearance, chemical composition, and optical properties as traditional diamonds. They are also more ethical and sustainable than the mined ones. So, if you’re planning to buy a Rare Carat lab-created diamond, you need to make sure you are getting a real diamond that’s just been made in a different way.

Are Lab-grown diamonds Eco-friendly and sustainable?

Lab-created diamonds are better for the environment as compared to traditional or mined diamonds. Mining traditional diamonds involves moving a lot of earth parts, causing devastation and wasting a lot of water. Thus, the manufacturers claim that they are more eco-friendly than the mined ones. 

On the other hand, making lab-created diamonds just requires some tools, a small place and a small amount of electricity. Thus, it means lab-created diamonds are more sustainable, affordable and eco-friendly. If you are looking to spend on a sustainable option for routine wearing then lab-grown diamonds are the best option for you.


Unlike traditional diamonds, most people think that lab-grown diamonds are a safe option for them to buy if they have a limited budget. The market value of lab-grown diamonds fluctuates with time because of many reasons. However, it is a cost-effective option to spend money on these rare diamonds that have gained much popularity in the market. So before making a purchasing decision, watch the process involved in making these diamonds under the guidance of professionals at to know how things performed. You can get the exact idea of how Rare Carat professionally made lab-grown diamonds!

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