Gym Towel Options for Your Business

Stocking your fitness facility with various gym towels will help meet the needs of your patrons. They can use them to wipe off sweat, clean equipment, or get extra cushioning during floor exercises. When looking for the right towels for your gym, explore all the available options. Here are a few gym towel options that will suit your fitness facility’s needs:

Workout Terry Towels

Highly absorbent and soft gym towels are a great option for your patrons during strenuous exercises. If you’re looking for such towels for your gym, choose terry towels. These towels are 100% cotton, known for their softness against the skin. Their high absorbency makes them ideal for wiping large amounts of sweat during workouts.

Besides keeping your guests dry, these towels are suitable for cleaning equipment after use. Workout terry towels are available in different sizes, weights, and colors. Mix different colored towels, including white, black, and beige, to suit your visitors’ preferences. These towels are also durable and can withstand multiple washing cycles, staying in good condition for an extended period.

Bath Towels

Bath towels are another gym towel option for a fitness facility. After a tough workout, gym members may want to wash off the oil and sweat. Provide them with clean, soft, and absorbent bath towels. You’ll find several types of bath towels, including premium and economy white towels. Try a range of colors and sizes to match the needs of your patrons. The best bath towels for the gym should be large enough to wrap around your body. Bath-sized gym towels can be long-lasting and withstand frequent washing. Stock enough bath towels in your facility’s locker room to allow easy access when needed.

Hand Towels

Sweaty hands during workouts require the right towel to keep them dry. Hand towels are smaller in size than bath or pool towels. They’re made of different materials, including cotton or polyester, allowing them to absorb sweat. Hand towels can be lightweight or heavyweight to suit different needs. They’re also available in various colors and sizes. Your patrons can use them to create extra padding for their knees when doing floor exercises. 

Pool Towels

If your fitness facility has an indoor pool, having pool towels will help cater to all gym members. After swimming sessions, you’ll want to provide your visitors with comfortable and sizeable pool towels. Stock your facility with a variety of pool towels, such as cotton terry or microfiber pool towels. These towels are longer and wider, providing more coverage and drying capabilities. Look for durable pool towels that withstand chemicals found in pool water. 


When looking for your gym’s bath towels, add enough washcloths to your bulk shopping order. Washcloths are small towels used for skin care, particularly washing one’s face or body. Give your gym members these towels to wash their face, hands, or bodies after the gym session. These towels are ideal for scrubbing while protecting the skin. They’re made of durable materials, like cotton, and are available in different classic colors.

Since these gym towels are used frequently, keep them stocked up and ready for use when needed. Washcloths can be a breeding ground for molds and bacteria if they are kept dirty and damp. Keep your washcloths clean and dry by consistently running washing cycles and cleaning them with disinfecting detergents.

Lounge Covers

Lounge covers make a great statement piece that will level up your facility’s lounge area. They’re more convenient than regular pool towels due to their fitted hood or pocket for fitting easily over lounge chairs. These covers boast a generous size designed to hang over the sides of your lounge chairs. You can also tuck them neatly under a cushion. Lounge covers feature a durable and soft terry fabric. They’re highly absorbent and available in various colors. Besides keeping your gym members comfortable after swimming, lounge covers protect your patio chairs from spills, sweat, and sun.

Purchase the Right Gym Towels

Having the right gym towels in your fitness facility can help keep your patrons clean, cool, and comfortable. You’ll find a variety of options, from washcloths and bath towels to pool towels and lounge covers. Look for high-quality, durable, and absorbent towels to boost your facility’s image. Contact professional wiping specialists today to choose the right towel options for your gym.

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