FAQs About Doggy Daycare

As a dog owner, there are times when you may be busy and not have a pet sitter to watch your animal and keep them safe. Leaving them at home alone may not be an option because they will wander off or do things to harm themselves. Doggy daycare is an ideal solution, providing a place to leave your pet for several hours and pick them up when you’re done with work or travel. Here are frequently asked questions about dog daycare:

What Is Doggy Daycare?

Dog daycare is a facility where you leave your dog for a specified time while you handle work, family matters, travel, or other issues. If they are left alone, dogs may wander off and risk getting into accidents or being stolen. If they stay in the house, they may damage your belongings or harm themselves while playing with things they’re not supposed to. A doggy daycare facility offers care and supervision to keep your pet safe and comfortable. When you’re done with work or travel, you pick your dog up and take them home. 

Does Doggy Daycare Have Any Benefits?

Doggy daycare benefits both you and your animal. It frees up your time to focus on other activities that require your total attention. It also helps you feel more comfortable knowing your pet is getting the necessary supervision to keep them safe and well-maintained. Your dog benefits from socializing with other animals in the facility. As they socialize, they become less lonely, gain social skills, and reduce behavioral issues. Dog daycares often include exercises and games as part of the dog’s stay. These activities help keep your pet physically fit and stimulate their mental well-being.

What Are the Requirements for Taking My Dog to Daycare?

Every doggy daycare facility has different requirements for hosting animals. Many require that your dog be already vaccinated for diseases like rabies, Bordetella, and distemper. These are contagious and will spread to other animals in the facility. If all animals are vaccinated against them, it promotes a healthy environment where dogs play and interact. Some dog daycares may require a temperament test to determine whether your dog can coexist with other animals peacefully. Others have age restrictions. To know more about the requirements, contact the daycare facility in your area.

Is My Dog Safe at a Daycare Facility?

Reputable daycare facilities for dogs invest in various methods to keep your animal safe. They have enough personnel on-site to monitor the animals closely as they play. They can intervene quickly when conflicts arise between dogs and resolve them. These facilities have fencing to prevent animals from wandering off and cameras to monitor them as they interact. The staff also has the necessary training to determine odd behaviors and reactions from dogs and act accordingly. Since vaccination is a requirement in most daycares, your pet is also protected from the risk of contagious diseases. 

How Do I Prepare My Dog for Daycare?

You may need to pack your pet’s usual food and accompany it with feeding directions. If your dog is taking medication, pack the medicines and include the required dosages. Some other things to pack for your dog include treats, toys, blankets, and a collar. Contact the daycare center to determine if there are any special instructions on preparing your pet for a stay.

Choose a Reputable Doggy Daycare Center

Dog daycare is ideal when you’re unable to watch your pet and don’t have a sitter to handle this task. You can focus on your other activities without worry and allow your dog to socialize with other animals in the facility. Find a pet daycare center that suits your needs and preferences to give your dog high-quality care.

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