Expert Drywall and Plaster Repair Services For Toronto Residences

To homes, drywall problems are a common problem which can be caused probably by so many factors; such as water damage, accidents, and print wearing. Warts are the ones that appear due to the poor results of the work even though these defects are not attractive, we can master the skill of Drywall and Plaster Repair in Toronto, ON, and resolve the mistake to the state of perfection. Therefore, let’s look into the different types of drywalls and also the kind of advantages and disadvantages they offer.

Types Of Drywall

Standard Drywall

  • Standard drywall is typically 1/2 inch thick and white or gray, however, it exists in various thicknesses for various uses. This is a kind of installation material that allows your neighborhood drywall expert to dry fast, creating a material whose trajectory outline can be used in creating arches.
  • To repair holes on curved surfaces, we typically use drywall strips with a thickness of about 3/8 inches, which is slightly thicker than 1/4 inches, for the repair work.  
  • 5/8-inch thickness has the finest damping and soundproofing qualities, making it ideal for use in noisy houses and flats.

Soundproof Drywall

Ordinary soundproof drywall is built with more layers than sound-absorbing boards of different types on the list. Such a material performs satisfactorily in home theaters and studios as it comes in two layers of gypsum whereas a single one is there in the other rooms. Moreover, up to 400% more money might be spent on soundproof drywall than on ordinary drywall.

Fire Resistant Drywall

Type X drywall has two layers of paper and is 5/8 inches thick, making it ideal for fire resistance and sound dampening. Apartment buildings and garages are common places where it is found. It can endure a high-temperature test of at least one hour.

Type C gypsum board, a 5/8-inch thick version, has more glass fibers in its gypsum core like Type X; therefore, it is more resistant to fire than Type X. Thus, Type C better fits discerning intervention in the horizontal performance when Type X performs much better in the vertical aspect.

Mold And Mildew Respecting Drywall

Greenboard drywall prevents the growth of any kind of fungus and is a viable option for installation in kitchens and bathrooms. It comes in 0.5 inches or 0.625 of an inch thickness and is not water resistant or fire resistant. Bathrooms and basements are very prone to high levels of moisture. For high wet resistance, blue board drywall is the recommended option. However, it is not waterproof. Fiberglass or paperless drywall uses fiberglass mesh for outer layers, making it mold and moisture-resistant. Purple board drywall is moisture, mold, and fire-resistant, suitable for high-traffic areas, but it’s also more expensive than regular drywall.

Benefits Of Drywall


This is a well-liked option for many due in part to its affordability. This reasonably priced material can be applied to house building. This might be useful to anyone seeking efficient methods to reduce their spending.

Easily Accessible

These materials are readily available for purchase on the market. If you needed to replace a panel or sheet, finding a match wouldn’t be difficult. In addition, paint removal is a simple process if you decide to repaint. You can Employee Productivity environmentally friendly techniques like scraping and sandblasting.

Quick To Install

Plaster and lath have the drawback of being labor-intensive to install. To achieve the ideal outcome, it is necessary to exercise additional caution and accuracy due to their complexity. According to the professionals from A1 Pro Paint, it takes less time and effort to have a plasterboard installed than other patchwork methods. The purpose of this article is to empower the readers to help them know the mechanisms of installing the drywall. Visit Here To Post to learn about the process of installation by A1 Paint Pro.

Disadvantages Of Drywall

Prone To Water Damage

Humid elements may break down them especially if they are near bathrooms, restrooms, and any other water bodies used for cleaning. Mold growth and panel collapse might result from water damage. There are, however, fiberglass plasterboards available that are more water resistant.

Not Durable

Wallboards could not last as long, particularly in locations with lots of activity. Bumping and striking them might be harmful. There are unique plasterboards that can perform better in terms of resiliency and tolerate more hits and scratches.


Lastly, your drywall repairing can be time-consuming, and dangerous, and if not done properly, could result in more damage or even botch the job. We will actively fix the drywall ourselves for correct and faster installation, making the process more economical. You can trust the expert staff of A1 Paint Pro to professionally accomplish your painting drywall needs. Moreover, the experts can easily do the drywall repair or replacement projects.

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