Do’s and Don’ts of Waxing – How to Get the Perfect Results for Your Skin

Waxing is one of the most popular hair removal treatments. High-quality waxing hair removal service eliminates all unwanted skin hair. Also, it can be applied to most body parts. However, waxing is a painful treatment. Depending on the frequency and your skin type, the pain factor will vary.

Additionally, many do’s and don’ts will make the overall waxing experience differ. It is important to know what you are doing in detail. We have some of the best tips to help you get the best waxing results. Read to the end to find out more:

Before Waxing

Do Exfoliate

Pores on your skin become clogged with dead skin cells, sebum, or other debris produced by your body. While putting on the wax to be pulled, it gets inside the root of the hair and in the follicle. So, the closer the hair removal gets, the better. Waxing will be better carried out after thorough exfoliation as it opens up your follicles, giving the waxing lotion a chance to reach more of your hair.

Do Take a Warm Bath

Before you go in for a body waxing, make sure you first take a hot bath. It will open up the skin pores. Also, a hot bath will ease waxing and increase the wax’s efficiency in removing more hair without much pain.

Do Apply Powder

Your skin produces oils and sweat, which can make it greasy and slippery. Also, this may not be the most comfortable process for getting silky-smooth skin. You can enhance the results by applying powder to remove any excessive oil or sweat that may remain on your skin before waxing.

Don’t Wax Broken Skin

If you have open or torn skin, let that wound heal before applying wax. Waxing on broken or cracked skin can be particularly painful and allow the infection to spread.

Don’t Moisturize

Before the waxing procedure, remember not to moisturize your skin. These lotions and creams can block pores, and the wax pellicle comes off without fully clipping the hair at its bulbous root.

During Waxing

Do Keep Your Skin Tight

Keeping your skin tight is a great tip for getting the best waxing results. Use one hand to tighten the skin while it gets waxed.

Do Pull Against Growth

Apply wax in the direction of your hair growth. Although it may be complicated, it will provide great results. It’s also best to keep exfoliating in the same direction as the hair grows to avoid ingrown hair, 

Do Work Fast

As soon as your waxing begins, act quickly. Slowing down will only prolong the discomfort and possibly cause some hair to fall off the wax. 

Don’t Let Your Hair Grow Long

Make sure that you get regular waxing to prevent too much hair growth between sessions. For the least painful process, get the unwanted hair waxed off when it is short, weak, and tender.

Don’t Wax Short Hair

On the contrary, don’t remove hair that is not long enough. Firstly, the wax must attach at least some small pieces of hair. This happens when there is not enough hair for the wax to grip. Consequently, the wax captures your skin instead of your hair and forcibly lifts it off your body. It is a must that your hair is between a quarter and three-quarters of an inch long, on average.

After Waxing

Do Moisturize

Waxing can cause surface abrasion as the dead skin cells are lifted. It is a sure way to improve the appearance and feel of your skin. However, the first few days can be quite challenging. For about three days following the waxing, apply a good moisturizer.

Don’t Go Out in the Sun

Skin can be stimulated up to 24 hours after hair removal and even the day you wax. Unwanted irritation can be felt when going in the sun too quickly after the waxing treatment.

Don’t Shave

It could feel natural to do it, but it shouldn’t because it could be a reason for ingrown hair growth and other irritations. Also, shaving right after waxing may cause itching or a skin rash.

Don’t Use Perfumes

Please do not use ointments with perfume in them. Perfumes can make your skin itch even after hair removal and waxing treatments.

Don’t Take a Hot Shower

Your shower or hot bath should be helpful before the waxing session, not after. When you dry your skin after waxing, the hot water could find its way into your pores, making them susceptible to ingrown hair.

Do Wear Loose Clothing (for a While)

Loose clothing should be worn for the rest of the day. To ensure the treatment has no negative consequences, leave the area covered with baby oil or powder. Wear loose clothes because tight wear can rub against the skin, promoting ingrown hair and rashes. 

Do Consider Laser Hair Removal

The effect of waxing lasts ideally for about a month. However, laser removal hair is used to remove unwanted hair permanently (sort of). The best part? It’s pain-free! This works wonders for all skin and hair types as well. You cannot get 100% free of your hair right away on the first procedure cause that hair has been growing at different stages, but it’s quick and easy! 

However, note that who you choose for your laser hair removal Toronto service is very important. Also, as laser treatment becomes more popular, many clinics have started offering the service. Make sure to select the right expert. The easiest one to get to or the cheapest one is not always the best option. Laser technology is no joke and can severely damage your skin if not done properly.

And Finally

Taking care of your skin and keeping it hair-free is important to look good. Following these dos and don’ts before, during, and after the treatment can provide the best waxing results for your skin. Also, laser hair removal can be considered as an alternative to waxing. It is pain-free and very long-lasting. Only in a few laser hair removal sessions can you get complete hair removal from your skin.

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