Cadre deployment remains rife at SASSA

The South African Social Security Agency (SASSA) faces renewed scrutiny over allegations of cadre deployment, highlighting persistent challenges within the agency’s leadership. Despite pledges to address corruption and promote transparency, political patronage remains a prominent feature, raising concerns about accountability and service delivery.


In South Africa, there has been an ongoing debate surrounding the practice of cadre deployment, which involves appointing individuals to governmental roles not necessarily based on their qualifications, but rather on their political affiliations. This system has sparked criticism from various quarters. Critics argue that it undermines the effectiveness of governance by prioritizing loyalty over competency.

Moreover, they contend that cadre deployment contributes to the prevalence of nepotism within state institutions, wherein friends and family of those in power are unfairly favored in job placements. As a result, this practice erodes public trust in the government, as citizens become disillusioned with the perceived lack of fairness and meritocracy in the allocation of public positions. Therefore, the issue of cadre deployment remains a contentious topic in South African politics, with calls for reforms to ensure transparency and accountability in the appointment process. You may also get help from

The Memela-Khambule Controversy:

The recent extension of Busisiwe Memela-Khambule’s contract as Chief Executive Officer despite her involvement in a corruption scandal underscores the ANC’s prioritization of political loyalty over ethical leadership. In 2021, an SIU report revealed corruption in a tender worth R45 million for distributing Social Relief of Distress (SRD) food parcels in the Eastern Cape during the Covid-19 pandemic. Memela-Khambule was accused of manipulating the tender process, resulting in overpriced contracts and substandard service provision. Despite calls for disciplinary action, President Cyril Ramaphosa’s government renewed her contract, raising questions about accountability.

Impact on Governance and Service Delivery:

Cadre deployment undermines efforts to combat corruption and compromises SASSA’s ability to provide social assistance effectively. By prioritizing political allegiance over competence, the ANC perpetuates a culture of impunity that erodes public confidence in state institutions. Without a merit-based approach to recruitment and promotion, talented individuals may be overlooked, hindering efforts to improve efficiency and effectiveness.

The Call for Reform:

Addressing cadre deployment requires decisive action to prioritize competence, integrity, and transparency in appointments. Comprehensive reforms are needed to ensure that SASSA operates with the highest standards of accountability and professionalism. Failure to address this issue undermines social welfare programs and threatens the principles of democracy and good governance. Check the procedure of how to change srd phone number?


The widespread practice of cadre deployment within the South African Social Security Agency (SASSA) underscores the critical imperative for comprehensive reforms aimed at enhancing accountability and transparency in the selection of leadership roles. This prevailing trend not only undermines meritocracy but also jeopardizes the agency’s capacity to effectively serve the country’s marginalized populations.

Urgent and substantial changes are necessary to ensure that appointments within SASSA are based on qualifications, competence, and integrity rather than political affiliation. The persistence of cadre deployment within SASSA poses significant obstacles to the fulfillment of its core mandate – delivering vital services to South Africa’s most vulnerable communities.

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