Best Plagiarism Checker Online Tool for Students

Student life is all about writing essays, assignments, and papers but this is not all! On top of that the schools and professors expect to have no plagiarism in the writing. In fact, plagiarism is the biggest enemy of students in school life. 

Today, we are here to give you the best weapon to get rid of this horrible enemy. is the best online plagiarism detector that is used to identify plagiarism from your text. It not only identifies but also removes plagiarism from your content. 

Let’s explore the best plagiarism checker online for students together below!

What does do? 

Plagiarism checker is an online plagiarism detector and bypasser that uses AI technology to perform its functions. It compares the text provided by the user with already published text and identifies the percentage of similarity.

This tool compares the text at lexical, semantic, and stylistic levels to identify both direct and indirect instances of plagiarism. This ability of in-depth plagiarism detection makes it an alternative to Turnitin (a professional plagiarism detector used by professors in schools to check plagiarism in students’ assignments). 

How to Use

Plagiarism checker AI is a super handy tool with a user-friendly and easy-to-navigate interface. Students can use it to accurately detect plagiarism in their assignments and papers using 5 simple steps:

1. Open the Plagiarism Checker:

First of all open the plagiarism checker online by visiting the website:

ai plagiarism checker

2. Add Your Text:

In the dialogue box, you will see three different options to enter the text on the tool. These three steps are:

  • Enter the text (copy and paste, or type)
  • Upload the document (add a file)
  • Enter a URL (the tool will automatically extract the text from the URL for plagiarism detection)

By using one of the above-mentioned options add your text.

plagiarism detector

3. Check the Plagiarism: 

Click on the “Check Plagiarism” option to start the processing of the tool.

ai plagiarism checker

4. Check the Results:

The processing will take a few seconds and once it is done. The results will appear in a new window. The user will be provided with the following:

  • Plagiarism Percentage
  • Color highlighted text
  • List of plagiarized sources
  • Downloadable plagiarism report (it is up to the user whether they download it or not)

plagiarism checker online

5. Remove plagiarism and Save:

This plagiarism checker AI offers a unique function that is to remove plagiarism from the text. Scroll your cursor to the plagiarized text that is highlighted in red color, and click on the “Remove Plagiarism” option.

The text will be rephrased in a few seconds to make your text plagiarism-free. Copy the updated text and paste it onto the desired location.

plagiarism detector

Just follow these 5 simple steps to identify and bypass plagiarism from your essay, assignment, or paper. 

What are the features of

Plagiarism detector AI offers multiple features which are given in the table below:

Feature Description 
AI Plagiarism Detection This plagiarism checker is powered by AI technology that grants it artificial intelligence. It thus uses its intelligence to identify both direct and indirect plagiarism. 
Plagiarism Percentage It provides the percentage of plagiarism and originality to the users. This feature is especially important for students who need to know whether plagiarism is within the normal range or not. (The acceptable plagiarism percentage for academic text is 15%)
Coloring The plagiarized part of the text is separated from the original text by coloring each in different colors. The plagiarized text is colored in red while the original text is colored in green. In this way, the users can only focus on fixing the plagiarized part of the text. 
Source ListsThe plagiarism detector provides a list of sources that are plagiarized. The student can cite those sources to remove plagiarism from the text. 
Deep Plagiarism Report It also provides a downloadable in-depth plagiarism report that has plagiarism percentage, sources list, and red highlighted plagiarized text in it. This report helps users understand where have they committed plagiarism and which specific sources are plagiarized. 
Multiple Languages Support This plagiarism checker online supports plagiarism detection in 25 different languages. This is why it is super handy for users who write in their native language. 
Plagiarism Removal This is an important feature of plagiarism checker AI. It has a built-in paraphrase that rephrases the text to remove plagiarism from it. 
Context WindowThis tool has a large context window meaning it can rephrase large text of up to 25,000 characters or about 90-100 pages. 
Processing TimeThe time it takes to detect plagiarism is just a few seconds. It is not only fast but also provides accurate results in plagiarism detection, equivalent to Turnitin. 

Why is Beneficial for Students? is super beneficial for students. It is a freemium tool that offers free services and a budget-friendly subscription option for students. The user can detect plagiarism in the text of 1500 words for free and for a text larger than that he/she needs to buy a subscription. The basic subscription that is perfect for students just costs $5 per month and students can afford it easily. 

Aside from being pocket-friendly, it saves students from the risk of committing plagiarism and also rewrites their plagiarized text to make it original and plagiarism-free. Those students who struggle with paraphrasing or don’t have good writing skills can use it for better grades and to graduate without problems that are related to plagiarism. 

Final word:

In the end, we’d like to end this conversation on the note that is the best plagiarism checker online for students. It is best because it has a user-friendly interface, it is powered by the latest technology, it identifies both direct and indirect plagiarism, it provides comprehensive results, and it also offers plagiarism removal abilities. 

So, if you are a student who is struggling with plagiarism and tired of trying to avoid it at all costs, use, you’ll surely thank us later.

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