Best Gaming Account selling companies in 2024

Building anything from the ground up is difficult because you have to start it from scratch which in the early stages takes a lot of courage, then you would have to make persistent efforts to keep building and eventually you’ll build that entity, item, or objective after giving it your utmost attention, hard work, and intellect.

Starting to build something takes a lot more than courage for example if you want to get a good grade firstly you need to focus on your studies, and then you would have to alter your routine to fulfill the requirements of the course and lastly you will need to work harder than most of the other student and the end you will be successful.

This analogy can also be implied in competitive gaming. If you want to get good at the game you first will need to focus on that particular game then you would have to devise a plan about which sector of that game you are weak at and lastly, you would need to play that game a lot and work hard on the sectors that you are weak at. You will get a better rank in the future.

You could also buy that game’s already ranked up and buffed account without doing that much hard work and you’ll get the best rank that you wouldn’t probably get on your own. If you dive down into account buying you will know that buying an account with the highest rank is easier and quicker than getting the rank yourself. It is also a cheaper and stress-free option to get the dream rank you ever wanted. 

So in this blog, I will talk about some of the best companies that sell these accounts so you can check them out. I filter out the list for the best candidates so any company you see here is the best in this business. 

Immortal Boost:

The first company on the list is Immortal Boost they are an online gaming marketplace. Immortal Boost focuses more on giving boosting services and gaming account selling. While their catalog of games is not as big as other marketplaces they have the best refunding policy period. Not only do they take responsibility if anything bad happens to your account they also will refund you the whole account’s price if you get banned. 

But they will not refund you if you get banned for your mistakes like for being toxic or outright cheating in the game. Immortal Boost owns these accounts so you will have the smoothest transaction. Within 24 hours you will get your account with a changeable email and everything. If you get any hurdles in the way you can always talk with them. All in all, you will have a smooth 

experience while dealing with an immortal boost.

Immortal is one of the few websites that sells both boosting and accounts. For accounts there are accounts for valorant, Dota 2, Rocket league and the same for boosting. You can buy Rocket league boosting from Immortalboost because you will find websites that only sell gaming accounts. You could find a few of them in this list. You could also find websites that only sell boosting but Immortal Boost is the only one that sells both services. In short, they are a one-stop shop for this. They own the accounts they sell so there are no middlemen in-between so getting scammed on their website is impossible.


the next company on the list is G2G and they have the largest customer base in this list. G2G is an all-in-one gaming marketplace. On G2G not only you can sell your gaming accounts you can also sell in-game cosmetics, and in-game currency like V-bucks or valorant points, they also sell game keys.

They are kind of an eBay for gaming and just like eBay g2g is also a broker between you and the account seller which also means that they don’t own anything. G2G just provides a platform for gamers to trade their in-game cosmetics or account for real-world money. The prices on G2G are cheaper than other gaming marketplaces because there’s competition between the sellers. 

You can get pretty good deals there if you know how to haggle the prices But that is also a reason for concern because G2G doesn’t own this account so they don’t have much control over them and because of that the security is there. Although the rate of getting scammed is pretty low but there’s a possibility of it.


playerAuctions is another marketplace for gaming just like G2G. but PlayerAuctions is relatively a newer platform than G2G other than that they also have different policies when it comes to the seller and buyer’s security of payments and accounts. Player Auction sells gaming accounts for most mainstream games like valorant, Fortnite Counter-Strike 2, etc.

PlayerAuctions is the next big account-selling company after g2g they offer their service for more than 250 games. Services like selling in-game currencies or in-game cosmetics and power leveling. But unlike G2G playerAuction does not deal with software licensing meaning that they don’t sell software or game keys. 

Although PlayerAuctions has been criticized in past years that is the case most of the when you are dealing with p2p platforms because they all come with a little bit of risk. PlayerAuctions can be a choice for you if you know what you’re doing and know how to keep yourself safe from any scams.

Eldorado. gg:

eldorado. gg is a marketplace that connects both sellers and buyers into an open market which drags down the prices and keeps a steady demand because of it. Eldorado is different then other websites on the list because Eldorado not only connects account sellers to account buyers it also connects the customer to boosters. This means that now boosters will contact you and will make offers according to your requirements.

While this may sound more tempting money-wise it also means that you will have to choose your booster carefully and you have to consider their reputation as a booster and of course their prices because if their offer look too good to be true then maybe it is. So just be careful about them. Similar to PlayerAuctions and G2G Eldorado also deals with in-game currency and cosmetics.

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