Acellus Academy vs Power Homeschool vs Khan Academy_ The BIG Differences

So, you’ve decided to dive into the exciting world of homeschooling! With many online options, choosing the right platform can feel like a puzzle. Over the years, I’ve spent countless hours researching homeschool curricula. I’ve discovered these two online homeschool curriculum options popular among secular homeschoolers. But it can be confusing. So, in this post, I’ll unravel the intricacies of three key players— Acellus Academy, Power Homeschool, and Khan Academy—making your decision-making process a breeze.

Similarities: Power Homeschool vs. Acellus Academy vs. Khan Academy

Let’s start with the basics. 

Both Acellus (which includesPower Homeschool andAcellus Academy – explained more below) andKhan Academy share much in common. 


  • engaging videos,
  • handy written resources,
  • easy internet access,
  • progress tracking, and
  • secular curriculum.

They even throw in some automated support for good measure! 

These features make them favorites among homeschooling families. 

But wait, what sets them apart? 

Let’s explore further.

Differences: Khan Academy vs. Acellus Academy

There are considerable differences in each program’s cost, accreditation, and support. Let’s take a look.

Imagine a cool, free oasis where knowledge flows like a waterfall across subjects—that’s Khan Academy for you. 

While it’s fantastic for adding an extra sprinkle of learning, it doesn’t come with any accreditation or special customer support. 

This might not be a big deal for everyone. Still, there might be better fits if you’re looking for formal recognition or personalized help. 

Still, Khan Academy is like the trusty sidekick that helps reinforce concepts and fill in the gaps in your homeschooling adventure.

Acellus Academy

Now, let’s talk Acellus. 

It’s like the superhero of the homeschooling world, offering two popular versions: 

  • Acellus Academy (the accredited one).
  • Power Homeschool (the unaccredited, budget-friendly sidekick). 

Acellus goes the extra mile by throwing in tutoring and extra support. However, some users have noticed it might need a bit more hand-holding.

It covers all grades and subjects with a secular curriculum, and here’s the cool part—once your kid completes it, they get a homeschool diploma! 

This makes it a better option if you’rehomeschooling and working full-time.

Keep in mind that there’s been a bit of chatter aboutrecent, unexpected changes with Acellus, so it’s always good to stay in the loop.

Power Homeschool

Meet the budget-friendly buddy of Acellus Academy—Power Homeschool!

It uses the same cool Acellus technology but skips the accreditation part.

So, parents, get ready to step into the teaching shoes a bit more.

It’s like tutoring with a bit less support compared to the Academy. But hey, if you’re watching those pennies, Power Homeschool might be your homeschooling superhero.

Cost Considerations

Now, let’s talk money. 

Khan Academy isfree, so you don’t have to assault your bank account at all for this one. 

Acellus Academy (theaccredited one) may feel heavier on the wallet (around $175/month) by comparison. 

Conversely, Power Homeschool (thebudget-friendly version) is a steal at around $25/month. 

But the big question here is: Do you need that accreditation? For many homeschooling parents, it’s not a must-have. Check out this article to see why.

Why Accreditation?

Speaking of accreditation, some parents like it for that extra dose of “officialness” with Acellus Academy.

It gives a sense of comfort like you’re sticking to astandardized curriculum. 

If you’re planning a short-term homeschooling stint due toroad-tripping or jet-setting, accreditation might be your ticket. 

And let’s not forget the folks who just don’t want to deal withwriting those pesky homeschool transcripts. 

Accreditation means the school does the heavy lifting—organizing transcripts and ensuring everything is in tip-top shape. 

Perfect for full-time working parents!

Alternatives to Acellus and Khan Academy

Some alternatives to Acellus Academy, Power Homeschool, and Khan Academy are:

  • K12,
  • Abeka, 
  • BJU Press, 
  • Time 4 Learning, and
  • Schoolhouse Teachers.

Let’s go through each one below.


Time4Learning is a secular homeschool curriculum that utilizes engaging lessons and animations to teach children. 

Unlike the Academy, this program is similar to Power Homeschool and Khan Academy and costs approximately $30 to $40 monthly.

Check out a Time 4 Learning review here. 


Abeka has operated for several decades and provides a conservative Christian homeschooling program for children in all grades.

Their curriculum is widely used in Christian schools throughout the United States. It can provide your children with a solid academic basis. 

BJU Press

BJU Press is aChristian curriculum that uses a blended learning approachsimilar to Abeka.

You get hard-copy workbooks plus teacher-led video lessons. 

I’ve used this program with my kids, and I love their classes, style, and pace. They get excellent reviews. 


K12 is an online public school.

It’s a popular curriculum because it’s free to use if you’re an American. 

This curriculum is accredited, and students can learn the same curriculum as public school students but from home. 

Including many animations and lessons, this can be a good solution if you want a really affordable program. 

Veritas Press

Veritas Press uses the classical educational method as its primary teaching method. 

Classical and Charlotte Mason curriculum programs have taken the homeschool world by storm lately. 

That’s because they teach in a more engaging way, incorporating lots of fun learning about history, the arts, and science. They also encourage much more critical thinking. 

Many parents feel this is something that is missing from educational programs today!

If you’re wondering if this curriculum is for you, get a free consultation for Veritas Press here. 

Schoolhouse Teachers

Schoolhouse Teachers offers the most extensive range of electives I’ve ever seen in a curriculum.

Their program is sold for one subscription, including all grades and subjects. 

They offer college readiness services, a Unit Studies center, and a Charlotte Mason center for families wanting a different way of learning. 

This is one of the most affordable homeschool curriculum picks I’ve seen.

So check out this Schoolhouse Teacher’s review here.

Other Homeschool Curriculum Options to Consider

There are more ways to do homeschooling, like:

  • Self-Paced Homeschool Curriculum: Kids do most of it on their own.
  • Open-and-Go Programs: Parents do less prep.
  • Unit Studies Programs: Learning in themes instead of subjects.
  • Family-Style Curriculum: Great for big families, less stuff to buy.
  • This Great Homeschool Booklist: Don’t underestimate reading great books.

Or you can find a program using thisCurriculum Finder Tool.

Power Homeschool vs. Acellus Academy vs. Khan Academy

So, what’s the verdict in the Acellus Academy vs Power Homeschool vs. Khan Academy showdown? It all boils down to what floats your homeschooling boat. Khan Academy is like the free-spirited sidekick, Acellus Academy is the all-in-one superhero with accreditation, and Power Homeschool is the budget-friendly buddy. Understanding these differences lets you customize your homeschooling adventure based on your unique needs and goals. For more homeschooling insights and adventures, check out the How Do I Homeschool website by Rebecca Devitt, a homeschooling mom extraordinaire who knows the ropes.

About Rebecca Devitt

Rebecca Devitt is a second-generation homeschool mom (meaning she was homeschooled herself and is now homeschooling her own children). She lives with her two children and lovely husband, Tristan, in Australia. After spending three years in a traditional Christian school, Rebecca’s parents, Bill and Antoinette Hesford, started home-educating her. She enjoyed homeschooling so much that she now spends her spare time blogging with parents about how great homeschooling can be. She runs How to Homeschool, a YouTube channel for beginners, and a website called How Do I Homeschool, which is dedicated to homeschool curriculum. SUBSCRIBE to the channel to see more of her homeschool life.

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