10 Stunning Stone Garden Designs to Inspire Your Outdoor Space

Using natural materials is the best option if you want to design a backyard that is both aesthetically pleasing and useful. 

Your stone garden will feel unique if you use the elements from your surroundings. Not only that, but it will have an elevated look and the right curb appeal, as well. 

Why Stone Gardens?

In most of the US, drought is a serious and persistent problem. A third of the country’s land area is suffering from at least a moderate drought, and 53 million people reside in regions impacted by the drought, according to NASA

By xeriscaping, you can start your fight against the drought. Xeriscapes are landscapes with many native plants that don’t need additional water besides what the sky supplies. In all honesty, it makes sense to reduce your garden’s dependency on rain, both financially and timewise. 

In addition to being simple and often plant-free, stone gardens are an eco-friendly way to add a little flare to any house. 

Check out these gorgeous and functional stone garden ideas for dry regions.

1. Dry Creek Bed

The organic stones and boulders found in a stone garden provide an amazing background for flowers and plants, turning your outside area into a haven. Anyone looking for a quick and inexpensive backyard project could create a rock garden. Basic gardening equipment, such as a shovel and rake, is all you need.

2. Cobbled Walkway

A cobbled walkway creates a simple yet inviting way through your garden. It is simple, but its simplicity invokes beauty. 

Additionally, because it is so simple, it is also easy to build. All you need is gravel, some water, and tiny stones for edging, and you are ready to make your own little walkway!

However, before starting this project, remember that your garden needs to be level and free of weeds for the best results. You should also consider the natural pathway you take through your garden and follow it.

3. Make a Garden Retreat

If you love to spend time in your garden, but do not have a green thumb, a stone garden will likely help you achieve your dream. Having a garden retreat does not necessarily equal lush green gardens. Especially if you live in a dry area with many droughts throughout the year. 

Your stone garden retreat can be whatever you need it to be, even if it is as simple as putting decorative large stones next to your patio. 

You can even play around with stone walls, like they build at https://unilock.com/walls/

Having decorative stone walls, or even a stone fire pit, can make your backyard feel like an expensive beach retreat!

4. Divide A Big Lawn

Incorporating stone in your garden will help you break up a large lawn. Lawns require a lot of maintenance, and drought can easily prevent your lawn from staying green. 

To keep the maintenance to a minimum, you can make large stone pathways within your garden, both as a design element and as a low-maintenance option.

5. Gravel

Using gravel as a landscape element may give a garden a more rustic and attractive look. Additionally, if you do still wish to have plants in your garden, they can easily grow through gravel. 

When you combine gravel with larger stones, you can play around with the design and textures in your garden. With creative ways of setting up the gravel in your garden, you can have a unique garden for a fraction of the price.

6. Little Ponds

One of the best things about rock gardens is the ability to implement small ponds. 

You can build any pond you’d like, and in the size/shape you want it to be. 

Additionally, rock ponds are ideal for tiny gardens as they are smaller in size, compared to other water features.

7. Decorative Bouldered Riverbed

A river bed with boulder accents is an excellent choice for a rock garden since it has a cascading stream of rocks. The stones give your garden an earthy vibe, while the riverbed serves as a natural focal point.

This garden concept is ideal as it lets you customize your garden to suit your needs perfectly.

8.  Hidden Bridge

A clever way to add more interest to your rock garden is to add a secret road bridge. You can use trees, stone, or wood to make the road.

The best approach for making a hidden pathway bridge is to begin with a blueprint and follow the instructions. As a result, the bridge will be more likely to blend in with the overall layout and aesthetic of the garden.

9. Bright Succulent Landscape

Succulents are ideal for gardens in an area where there is drought. They do not require any watering, as they thrive on the moisture in the air. However, if the air is dry throughout the year, you would need to water them sporadically.  

Planting cacti, thyme, lavender, or other succulents in your stone gardens will bring the color your garden lacks! Plus, think of all the bees that would benefit from having these low-maintenance plants in your garden. 

Choose succulents that flourish in your climate and soil and need minimal work for your rock garden.

10. Rock Waterfall

If you have a big enough space to accommodate a waterfall, we say go for it! Why not have a big stone waterfall in your backyard?

These massive decorative pieces can instantly elevate your space and provide a place for other animals. You can grow fish in a rock waterfall, or simply keep it unoccupied. 

You can play around with the size and the number of levels you want your waterfall feature to be. The great thing about building one from scratch is that it can be whatever you need it to be.

Not to mention that it can significantly increase the property value, as well!


In droughty areas, having stones as your garden’s main accessory is quite alluring. The way the stones are low-maintenance, but still play a large design role is a perfect blend of useful and beautiful. 

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